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IDOCTCC 02-15-2012 04:04 PM

Old topic new thread
I've got on 05 Hemi QDII, my problem is the humming noise. Here are the details. Generally starts around 45mph on up. Doesn't do it below, if it does I dont notice. As soon as you let off accelorator it goes away then comes back instantly upon accelorating. Haven't been able to pinpoint front or rear but i think its from the rear. Aren't these Wk's notorious for ring and pinions wearing? If it goes away upon letting off the gas wouldn't that kinda rule out moving parts ie:bearings and axles?

blackpepper 02-15-2012 05:50 PM

Re: Old topic new thread
Yes, they are notorious for ring/pinion wearing. From what I can remember (having mine repaired), it makes noise under load while the torque converter is engaged. When you take your foot off the gas, the tc is disengaged = no load on the diff. The parts are constantly spinning in there, it's when the gears, etc. become unaligned over time and the metal rubs, that's when you hear the noise.

I've had the noise while coasting and had it fixed. Then it made the noise under load and subsequently had that fixed, too. Now I'm at 93k on my 2007 and the diff generally makes noise all the time. I'm out of warranty so paying a 100 deductible is no longer an option.

I suggest having it looked at if you wish to repair it but the best thing to do is to religiously stay on top of the fluid intervals and make sure you put a whole bottle of friction modifier in each differential when you drain/replace (Jeep only calls for a half bottle if I remember correctly).

IDOCTCC 02-15-2012 08:41 PM

Re: Old topic new thread
Looking thru old threads and posts, thats one of the better anwsers i've seen. Thank you. I just bought the GC a month ago and only major service recorded was at 50k they had diffs, trans, and transfer cases flushed. So I am do for another one, maybe it will quiet it down a touch. If not then maybe some exhaust is in order. Already have intake and predator.

blackpepper 02-15-2012 10:43 PM

Re: Old topic new thread
You're welcome :)

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