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bassnbucks 02-18-2012 09:45 AM

Blend door actuator question.
My wife's 03' wjs blend door driver's side is out. I am making the assumption that it is the actuator and am having it replaced today. My question is how many total actuators are there? Are they all the same? My thought is that it would make more sense to replace them all now while the work is being done. That way we're not having to go through the expense later down the road of having to have the work done again. Thanks for your input. Tony

Ypahihi 02-18-2012 06:19 PM

Re: Blend door actuator question.
I don't know the answer to this but this link may shed so light on the subject.

I thought there was only on on the drivers side but this link states otherwise.

Frango100 02-18-2012 08:12 PM

Re: Blend door actuator question.
You have the AZC airco system what i understand out of your words.
There are 4 electrical actuators in this system: 2 blend door actuators, 1 mode door actuator and 1 recirculation door actuator.
The drivers side blend door actuator is easily accessable when you remove the glove box door. The passenger blend door actuator can only be accessed by removing the whole dash, as is with the recirculation door actuator. The mode door actuator is accessable after removing the center dash only.
So in your case, probably best to just replace the driver blend door actuator.
Hopefully its your actuator and not the blend door itself which is broken.
You could check the system for fault using the build in fault readout:
To enter the AZC self-diagnostic mode, perform the
(1) Depress the a/c and recirc buttons at the same
time and hold. Rotate the left temperature control
knob clockwise (CW) one detent.
(2) If you continue to keep the a/c and recirc buttons
depressed, the AZC control module will perform
a Segment Test of the Vacuum Fluorescent (VF) display.
In the Segment Test you should see all of the
display segments illuminate as long as both buttons
are held. If a display segment fails to illuminate, the
vacuum fluorescent display is faulty and the a/c
heater control must be replaced.
(3) After viewing the Segment Test, release the
A/C and Recirc buttons and the display will clear
If a 0 is displayed, then no faults
are set in the system.
Should there be any faults,
currentor historical, all fault codes will be
displayed in ascending numerical sequence (note no
effort is made to display fault codes in chronological
order). Each fault code is displayed for one second
before the next code is displayed. Once all fault codes
have been displayed, the system will then repeat the
fault code numbers. This will continue until the left
side set temperature control is moved at least one
detent position in the CW direction or the ignition is


A code 15 is for a broken driver blend door actuator.

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