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cherokeesrt10 02-24-2012 08:24 PM

Paintless Door Ding Removal
Hey guys,

Some jerk, coward, or non-respectful human being dented my less than one month old GC. Made the first month's payment at work and came out and there was a ding. Of course it is past the chrome strips that would have protected it and it on the back of the rear door. Pretty much impossible to get a ding there I thought. Anyone have luck on getting this fixed and what kind of cost am I looking at. Bodyshop or dent removal guy? I have heard rumors of $100 bucks, but definitely every time I look at it I get sick to my stomach. How do people have a lack of respect for other peoples things.

ibcenu 02-25-2012 08:57 AM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
I would get an estimate.. my 1st WK2 same thing... ding right thru the door trim and left a dime size hole behind it... body shop wanted $500. The trim piece was ~60 bucks alone from jeep. With mine though, it was over a crease in the body line that would not allow for paintless removal as well as it chipped the paint so they would have to repaint the door
good luck...let us know what happens

Justal13 02-25-2012 04:58 PM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
Have had very good luck with paintless dent removal. As long as the paint is intact (ie: not a hard crease or cracked), a good shop should be able to get it out and it will be nearly perfect. Going rate around here is $60 for the 1st ding, with a discount for additional.

A few years ago my son's 2 week old car was hailed on and received over 90 1" diameter dings. My insurance cost the $2700 it cost to fix. When we got it back, it was like new. Best luck.

Brewster 02-25-2012 05:52 PM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
I was taking off some trash today and noticed a ding at the exact same spot! 1500 miles, I'm sick. I'll be going in Monday to let them look at it.

If they are good, paintless dent removal is great. It starts around $75 bucks here. I used to have a guy check over both vehicles once a year.

cherokeesrt10 02-26-2012 08:08 AM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
How does someone give you a ding in the rear wheel area? What kind of car is capable of that? That is why I am so mad and puzzled because it does not make sense.

lll2for3lll 02-26-2012 08:12 AM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
Don't cruise the parking lot looking for the closes spot. Park far.....I do.

Justal13 02-26-2012 01:26 PM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
The sharp edges on rear car or SUV doors, particularly those that arch over the rear wheels, is what causes the high hit dings. I am very selective where I park, and who/what I park next to. People with kids not paying attention or pushing doors open with their feet while getting out of the rear doors are the worst.

speedtek 02-27-2012 09:07 AM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
I hate door dings. So much that I will not take the Jeep to busy parking lots on a windy day.

Da Jeeper 02-27-2012 06:08 PM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
My worse half says Im crazy cause I hate dings... says I love my cars more than her... shes right (kidding) - people slam into a car door and the bruise heals... the jeep... cost money and sometimes its never the same!

Willir2 02-28-2012 04:26 PM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
My better half tells me that I'm a Jeep-chondriac -

MacDaddy 02-28-2012 09:16 PM

Re: Paintless Door Ding Removal
Damn, All the above instances of ding's, dent's, scratches and careless people out there. Our GC was only several month's old and got caught in a large hail storm which is a rare occurence in SouthEast New York had just a touch over 2,000 miles on it and talk about sick. I got so pissed I went to a quiet place in head as the hail just pulverized the GC. Anyway Pentless dent got'em all out, everyone only two (2) slight blemishes above the drivers window on the door sills which aren't noticeable to the layman.
They are all great Paintless Dent Removal, The Dentman and the Dent Dr. they're all trained by a few individuals and their trade secrets are well kept. The great thing about them is no filler, no paint and if the paint isn't cracked, flaked or peeling the can usaully garaantee 100% satisfaction.

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