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Epoche 02-26-2012 02:12 AM

Curious about Fob range
So it has been snowing a ton today and I just got back late from a friend's wedding. As I was clearing the driveway of snow, I was loving the look of the Jeep with the snow coming down infront of the headlights. I grabbed my camera to try and take a pic to post later but my skills are lacking and it didn't look as good as in person lol. I gave up and just pulled into the garage.

When I went to put it in drive, I got the message "key left vehicle" (forgot keys in house when I grabbed my camera) and was still able to drive up and in the garage. Which made me wonder, does the Jeep allow you to drive X distance before it'll stop? Or, I read from another thread about if a key battery dies while you're actually driving, the vehicle doesn't just shutdown. Would this be that kind of situation? Say if I were to start the Jeep (brake + button push) and then leave with the key, someone would still be able to drive the vehicle with no problems?

Oh, and to add, the Jeep handled great with all the snow!

josh3008 02-26-2012 02:22 AM

Re: Curious about Fob range
Correct, If you take the key from the vehicle it will not shutdown until you turn it off. this is a safety feature so if you are driving down the road and your key fob battery dies the car won't shutdown and be stuck in the middle of the road. i am not sure if you can lock the car while it is running, would be worth a try so if say you started your car and forgot something inside you could leave the car running and lock the car while you go back inside.

J13ntv 02-26-2012 09:02 AM

Re: Curious about Fob range
^^ what he said. If its running it will stay running. Won't be able to start it next time you shut it down without the key.

77Cherokee 02-26-2012 09:54 AM

Re: Curious about Fob range
You can lock the doors with the engine running and the fob in your pocket. Use the outside door handle button. Someone would have to break a window to steal the vehicle. As long as you have the fob you can still get back in by grabbing the handle or using the fob's unlock button. If you use the remote start the engine will shut down after 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will run without the fob until it's out of gas or manually shut down.

Epoche 02-26-2012 10:34 AM

Re: Curious about Fob range
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the responses!

One thing I did discover one time while at work was, if you try to use the door lock button on the outside handle and the fob is still inside the vehicle, it won't lock. I thought it was cool that it could tell the location of the fob while it stil being close to the Jeep.

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