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turner904 02-27-2012 08:32 PM

Driver door, and other electrical problems
Just signed up for this forum. Bought an '04 WJ at a steal from a friend in trouble, and found some minor problems. Hope you all can help. FIrst, the drivers door master switch does not fully work, it will operate the drivers side windows and mirror, but not the passenger side windows, mirror, or lock button. Any suggestions? The interior lights stay on with the dimmer switch in the correct position, but will go off with dimmer in off position. Any suggestions? Same electrical problem as switch? I have two remote fobs that also don't work, I assume its the same electrical problem? If its the ground or orange wire in the drivers door, whats the best way to get at it to fix? Any help would be appreciated.

Gus9890 02-27-2012 10:19 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
Check your fuses and stuff first, then the wiring. The fobs may just need replaced. It all could just a an electrical problem.

01grand 02-28-2012 09:24 AM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
Sometimes the wires between the door and body get bent or pinched and break.

Frango100 02-28-2012 09:39 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
This all sounds as the well known door boot wire break. The black ground wire is very thick and stiff and will break inside the boot after time. If it breaks, you will normally loose all power windows and power locks and the interior lights stay on exept with dimmer in off.
Just have a look first inside the boot, you can remove it from the door side with 2 locking tabs. Its not that easy to get access to the wires, but check for any obvious breakage and/or check each wire for a weak spot, which could indicate a broken core inside the insulator. Best would be to change the whole wire, but iīm a little lazzy and just soldered a flexible wire in between.:o

Gus9890 02-28-2012 11:44 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
I always check the fuses and wires first ever since I had a '92 full size Blazer 4X4. It died on me and I thought it was the fuel filter or fuel pump.Long story short, replaced them both only to have a buddy that was helping me ask me what this "thing" was under the hood along the firewall. Ended up being a rubber "plug" with a fuse in it, and it was blown. Replaced the fuse and it was good to go. At least I got a new fuel filter and pump put in lol.

Frango100 02-29-2012 04:25 AM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
Thinking about it more, it canīt be the black ground wire in the drivers door, because then also the drivers side window and power lock wouldnīt work.
Now just to be sure, is only the drivers door window working, or also the drivers side rear window? Does the passengers side windows work from their respective door switch, or not at all? Eventhough a fuse is always a good point to start with, i wouldnīt suspect a fuse in this case. At least power windows and power locks use different fuses and there is only one fuse for both drivers side and passenger side windows.
The remote control receiver is mounted inside the passengers side door module. Also from this module all power locks, exept the drivers door lock, are activated.
For power windows, the drivers door module activates both drivers side windows and the passengers side door module activates both passengers side windows.
Are you sure that none of the power locks work with the remote, or maybe only the drivers door lock not?

turner904 03-01-2012 06:03 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
To Frango100,
I think I have it figured out with everyone's help, especially yours. I checked the wires, you're right, NOT EASY to get to. The Black ground wire doesn't seem to be damaged, but the thicker orange wire has a crack in the insulation. The question is, how do I fix it? It's gonna be really hard to get to, and since I don't have a huge inventory of tools, I think the best solution is to take to dealership to fix. At least now, thanks to you guys, I know exactly what to tell them to fix. Just wanted to thank everyone who has offered advice. You guys are great. You saved me several hundred dollars, I'm sure, getting this diagnosed and eventually fixed. If you guys are ever in Knoxville, TN, the beers are on me. I'll update once I get this issue worked on and post whether that was the solution to the problem. Thanks again to everyone.

Frango100 03-01-2012 09:26 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
According my wiring manual, the only orange wire in the door boot is the one with a white tracer, which is the power supply to the door module. Would not suspect this wire to be the problem, when its in the drivers side door boot at least. This supplies the power to the window motor and lock motor, so if the drivers side window and lock work ok, then it canīt be that wire, eventhough the isolation can be damaged. Did you get to the wires with your finger and felt each of them for an internal breakage? The wire would be more easy to bend at the place where it is broken internally.
If it would be in the passenger side boot, it would be a good change that it has to do with the problem. It seems at least that everything that is controlled via the passenger door module, is not working.

turner904 03-02-2012 03:33 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
I haven't traced every wire back, I only visually inspected the wire from the ground. All I could see was the orange wire, and the insulation was cracked, so I assumed (probably shouldn't do that) that it was my problem. It's raining here the next few days and as soon as I can I will go take the harness back apart and check more thoroughly. I am at least satisfied that I have narrowed the problem down to the drivers door wires, and not any switches, relays, or fuses, so this should be a rather easy fix. Like I said before, it only affects a few things. Since the power door lock button is on the 'passenger' side of the drivers switch, it doesn't work, so its whatever power supply the either feeds the 'passenger' side of the switch or the wire going into those components. The drivers mirror works, but not the passenger side mirror. Drivers windows, front and back work, but not the passengers side. And then the pesky light switch having to be all the way in 'off' position for the interior lights to go off, thus dimming the dash light to where you can't see your gauges at night. Fobs, are figured out since the work off the passenger switch, it is just so confusing. I really appreciate all you help and the time you have put into it helping me figure it out. Like I said before, if you are ever in Tennessee, the drinks are on me.

Frango100 03-02-2012 04:53 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
I would also have a look at the passengers side door boot, since it seems that there is no power for the passengers side windows and locks. If the wiring is all ok, there is a change that the passenger side door module is faulty. I would start measuring voltage at the passengers door module connector C1 point 1. There should be 12V. Then measure from the same connector C1 point 4 to a ground point for resistance, which should be 0 or almost 0. If this all is ok, you have a big change that the passengers side door module is the problem. But i would do my bet on a broken wire in the passenger door boot.

turner904 04-05-2012 05:47 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
Hello all,
Just a quick update about my problem. Had a drunk driver total the jeep out two weeks ago. After a short stay in the hospital, I am out and much better. Good news is, insurance bought me another jeep. No problems so far except horn won't function. I'll be asking around for that in a few days. Couple more days in the therapy ward and I'll be tacklin' that. Thanks to all for offered help. You guys are the greatest.


Frango100 04-05-2012 08:39 PM

Re: Driver door, and other electrical problems
That is quite a drastic way to solve your problems.................:D
Good to hear that you are ok.
Like we say here in Brasil, you donīt have to be scared for a horse on the highway, but yes for a donkey behind the steering wheel.:lol:
Now that you already mentioned your next problem, lets see what we can do.
The horns have 1 fuse, N° 18 (15A) in the Power Distribution Center, 1 relay, also in the PDC, the clockspring and the horn switch. I would start checking the fuse first and if ok, swapping the relay with an other, same type.

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