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AussieWK2 03-01-2012 04:11 AM

Importing Cars To The Land Down Plunder!
Warning! This is not for the feint hearted

For anyone interested here's a link to a story emailed to me last June highlighting the level we Aussies are being fleeced when we buy an imported car.

Most of us know that we have been ripped off but the actual stats are sobering!

Even after reading it I still ordered my WK2 so it did not sway my decision as most cars these days are imported.

Remember also the A$ has been well above above parity since 2010!

So, for example, the Overland CRD or Hemi cost most of us circa $75k. This retail price was formulated way back when the A$ was somewhere in the area of US$0.60 to US$0.70. If our cars were formulated using the over parity rates we'd be paying a considerable amount less.

The question, who's making a killing on the forex cross rates? Is it the yanks or Jeep Australia? Or some 3rd party broker not seen at our retail level? The other question why has the Australian Govt allowed this to continue? It's hard to imaging the A$ enjoying too much of this sunshine for an indefinite period.

It would be nice one day if we apathetic lot down here actually stood up and tried to do something about this.

Read and try not to weep!

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