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mosier 03-03-2012 04:34 PM

The "Mini" Lift
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The “Mini” Lift.
Parts List:
Front Bilstein Shocks HD series.
Front Rustys Strut Plate Spacers.
Front Moog Strut Install kit and Moog front lower spring Isolator.
Rear Moog upper and lower spring Isolators.
Rea r Monroe Sens-Trac Load Levelers.
As my Jeep came from the factory with what seemed like some lift to begin with, here are the factory parts:
Drivers front spring: 52089766AE
Drivers front strut: 52089801AK
Passengers front spring: 52089764AE
Passengers front strut: 52089801AK
Drivers rear spring: 52089821AD
Drivers rear shock: 52089751AK
Passengers rear spring: 52089820AD
Passengers rear shock: 52089751AK
All measurements were full a full tank of gas, tape measure shiny end flat on the ground, reading from the fender lip as the tape measure goes up the center on the wheel. Front fascia measurement was taking at the very middle of the Jeep. I also have the 4.7 Gen two engine, which to my understanding is a good 50-60lbs lighter than the Hemi.
Front Drivers: 32.5 inches
Front Passengers: 32.5 inches
Rear Drivers: 33.25inches
Rear Passengers: 34 inches.
Front Fascia: Approx. 11 inches.

Front Drivers: 34 inches
Front Passengers: 34 inches
Rear Drivers: 34.5 inches
Rear Passengers: 35 inches
Front Fascia: Approx. 13 inches
So the front end went up 1.5 inches, the Drivers rear went up 1.25 inches, and the Passengers rear went up 1 inch. You notice now only .5 inches separate the rear side to side, as when it was factory it was .75 inches. I made sure to do one side, front to rear at a time as I was told that the factory has different spring rates on the drivers side to account for the average diver weight, full fuel tank weight and the battery in the engine bay.

I was always tired of the front knuckle being unpainted, so while everything was apart, I used the 3M sanding block (medium), The Gloss Black engine enamel, and some lacquer thinner to clean up the sanding before the paint.
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Attachment 12497

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Attachment 12503

I cannot guarantee that everyone who tires this will get the same results I have due to so many spring and drive train combinations on a WK that were available from the factory. Mine had always sat up a little higher than most I have ever been next to for some reason. I will however say that this is one option for those who want to keep the factory tires and wheels and just want a little more bumper ground clearance and some “look” with out getting news tires and a speedo cal and such. I also have had absolutely no change in the ESC or anything else for that matter.
The front Bilstiens HD’s and the rear Sens-Trac Load Levelers are a surprisingly good combination. The ride is fantastic! No more nose dive on braking, no more ass-end going to the ground on hard launches from a light. No more wallowing and dipping over medium bumps at speed. Just so much more solid and smooth. This is how it should have been from the factory. My WK has only 42K on it, and both Clevis Bolts were a nightmare to do. I even soaked them for two days prior in PB Blaster. Also both the factory front struts and rear shocks were not quite gone, but pretty soft. I would say they might have made it to 50K miles, but by then the ride would just be mush. The factory parts looked well built, they just don’t last long apparently. One last note about the Isolators. I decided to due this because they aren’t that much and since everything is out, why not. What surprised me is that the Moog Isolators next to the factory parts are just a hair thicker, and they are not as soft as the factory Isolators either. I do not know if this helped with providing more lift or not, but you could definitely tell a difference both visually and by holding a factory Isolator and a Moog one in your hands.
If you want before and more after fender height pics. let me know. Thanks to all who encouraged me do to this, I just love the way my WK looks, rides, and handles now:thumbsup:

mosier 03-03-2012 04:54 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
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Some more pics:D[

Attachment 12507

mosier 03-03-2012 04:57 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
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Yes, I had to do an Alignment also. Attached is the printout after it was done. The front driver side was the worst out after the "Mini" Lift.

Kman09JGC 03-04-2012 04:51 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
Looks good! But what is the main difference between the bilsteins rear shocks and monroe's. Is one better than the other? price?

mosier 03-04-2012 05:57 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
Best price on Bilsteins is at Shock Wharehouse. They give a discount to memebers here too:) Thanks for the compliments:cool: The main difference in the Bilsteins vs the Load Levelers for the rear is that the Bilstein is designed as a premium high pressure charged shock absorber, whereas the Load Levelers are designed as not only an upgraded shock absorber, but they also have a 60lbs-in rate coil spring on the shock body, allowing you to carry more weight and for trailering. I choose them over the Bilsteins for the rear as I plan to due some trailering/hauling in the future and I also wanted the small lift from them.

paroxysym 03-06-2012 09:04 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
nice job dude. looks great, you upping your tire size?

mosier 03-07-2012 12:09 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
Thanks:) I had not planned on bigger tires. This all started with wanting to better equip my WK for future towing/hauling dutys, while at the same time trying to replicate the factory lift offered on the WJ Overland back when Chrysler had the "Up Country Suspension" option. That raised the WJ about an inch over stock. Thats exactly the "look" I wanted with this and my factory 18" wheels and tire size, as I love my factory wheels:) Nothing has setteled as of yet, with 65 miles being put on since the upgrades. Next week I have a 650 mile trip that I will do measurements after to see if anything has settled. I will report back on that topic in this thread after the trip. If Michelin ever gets off their duff and offers there new LTX AT/2 tire in the factory 245/60/18 size, then you betcha those will go on:)

paroxysym 03-07-2012 09:03 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
great way of looking at the whole set-up. i actually bought upcountry springs for my WJ before i totalled it. i wanted to do the same thing with my WK but i didnt know how to go about it till i threw the BB on it. now im torn between dropping it back down or lifting it more.

keep us posted. i like the set up. you think of adding XK coils to the rear instead of the WK coils? supposedly they are stiffer. they could be an option instead of the load levelers.

mosier 03-08-2012 10:16 AM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
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I most definatly thought about the XK springs. As with our WK springs, I found no actual spring rate data for either the XK springs or the WK springs. But I also would still be stuck with buying a new rear shock even with the XK springs,so I decided to try the Monroe Load Levelers, as I get carrying capacity and shocks all in one:) Thanks for the complements:thumbsup: Attached are somepictures of the old coil spring Isolaters after I cleaned them up as best I could. I just wanted to show that even on a well taken care of WK with only 42K on it, these are already fully compressed, and even wearing then and tearing in a few places. As previously stated, the replacement Moog Isolaters looked to be much better quality and also a little bit thicker.

antsjeep 03-08-2012 01:11 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
any pics of the load levelers? im curious to see how they look installed.

mosier 03-08-2012 01:31 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
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No problem:)

antsjeep 03-08-2012 02:36 PM

Re: The "Mini" Lift
Sweet thanks!!

Now im tossed between those and maybe doing XK rear springs.

I just want something that can take a little extra load on the back from time to time (bike carrier and or cargo basket) but without raising the back up. Im sitting perfectly level now with my RC lift and Bilsteins. Its funny cause when i had my snowblower on the back along with two 5 gallon jugs of gas the rear almost sat at stock height. Then again that much weight sitting about 2-3ft off the rear bumper i guess would do that, haha!

To me the Bilsteins really cant handle much more than an average load, which im kinda of pissed about because i love the ride with them.

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