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teyecats 03-04-2012 12:25 PM

Burned out 3 starters in 3 months
Ok - I hope someone can help me with this....I have a 2007 Compass Limited. Back in December I started getting on odd whining noise as I was driving down the road. Turned the car off and the noise kept going for a couple of minutes. It did that about 3 times and then finally died. Luckily it's manual transmission so I could pop start it. Replaced the problem. January (about 5 weeks later) noise started again as I was driving down the highway, pulled over, dead. Popped it again and took it back to the shop - replaced the starter again. It's now 6 weeks later and the noise started again as I drove to work. Pulled over, let it sit, turned it off, starter still chugging away...finally went up in a puff of smoke and it's now sitting in my driveway - again pop starting it was the only to get it moving. What would burn out 3 starters in less than 3 months??

Help! Frustrated!!

Escape 03-04-2012 04:16 PM

Re: Burned out 3 starters in 3 months
I would have 2 guesses on your problem.

1. Bad starters from the get go. It happens.

2. Improperly shimmed starter/ bad install.

What did it sound like when it was working? Crunching or high pitched whine? Was the noise before or after you started the Jeep?

Pinion-to-fly wheel relationship is most likely your issue.

Have you inspected the teeth on the flywheel? The teeth on the starter?

Did you or a shop do the install?

2005JGC 03-05-2012 03:12 PM

Re: Burned out 3 starters in 3 months
I would check the wiring at the starter... I recently had a compass where the wiring that goes down under the intake manifold to the alternator, knock sensor, oil press sensor, etc was resting on the main B+ feed at the starter, this one hardly drove because it was bringing down a 5v sensor supply and fryed the whole harness. The "whine" you speak of, is it the starter spinning? if say the solenoid power supply shorted out it would fire the starter and not stop burning the starter up pretty quick.

teyecats 03-17-2012 01:30 PM

Re: Burned out 3 starters in 3 months
The compass started fine - no odd noises. Just driving down the road and the whine started (starter chugging along) pulled over, turned it off, took my foot off clutch and popped started....sounded like the starter was just running and running - then it burned up!

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