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parisandrews222 03-07-2012 07:54 PM

Pentastar Oil Change Schedule
Just took possession of the new 2012 Call of Duty MW3...2 door, black, 6 speed...have just over 300 miles on it so far...I have been varying engine speed as much as possible to break it in...trying to seat the rings as best I can...have not been babying it at all and don't plan on doing so anytime soon...

I am planning on getting the factory oil out at 1000 miles then running another round of non synthetic oil for 3000 miles. After that, then switching to synthetic and changing it every 8000...any thoughts on this schedule?

Rotating the tires every 2500 including the spare...

Does this sound about right?

Jeep Creep 04-09-2012 06:50 PM

Re: Pentastar Oil Change Schedule
That tire rotation schedule is sooner than it needs to be. Recommend 6K.

Your oil change schedule: Those things are very subjective. Switching to a high quality synthetic is always a benefit. You can get a million opinions about the switching schedule. Yours works fine.

I just conducted my first oil change. I was waiting for the engine to tell me to change the oil, but it didn't at 7404 miles. So I changed it. We will see how I performs. I took an oil sample, and i take one at every oil change. I have 60K of data for my Honda Fit, really shows some trends. FYI, I use Amsoil.

One thing I recommend that everybody use is a filterMag. Since we do not have the metal oil filter cartridge, we cannot use the round magnets. I used the Filtermag TH360, one on the transmission pan and the other on the oil pan. These suckers are very powerful. I accidentally stuck the two magnets together... had to pry them apart with two screwdrivers, and that was extremely difficult.

I have used these before, and cut open the filter afterwards with the magnet still attached... there is metal on the sides of the filter.

I did see some small aluminum metal particles in the oil filter... doing its job. This type allows for an inspection.

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