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bumpin_jeep 03-11-2012 09:58 AM

HID Fog Light question
This might be a stupid question but here it goes - i want to add fog light lights to my 06 WK, i have HID lights in for the head lights already. Since my current HIDs run off my left headlight socket, would i be able to run a set of HID fog lights off of the right socket? Or could i split the left socket into 2 connections? I'm trying to figure out a way to add the fog lights without going back to the stealership to activate and would prefer not to run a seperate swith into my dash.

2005JGC 03-12-2012 02:30 AM

Re: HID Fog Light question
you need to run the balasts to each head lamp, dont power them both off of one lamp circuit, maybe for fogs because if they dont work it doesnt matter, but headlamps NEED the ability for one circuit to fail and the other still operate.

IMO the best option is to just install the oem switch and have the dealer turn the fogs on, Ill say this, at my dealer its the ones who are regulars that get the free help, if you just come in and have no history with us the likelyhood of a writer coming out and asking a tech to do something for free that neither he nor the tech get paid for is slim to none. That said the last fog lamps I activated for a customer I did it for free while I was turning on the trailer lamp output for the tow package I installed for him. I dont know if your local dealer has an "express lane" for oil changes, I know up until about 2 years ago we didnt and the techs did many more oil changes, I am sure if your dealer has techs doing oil changes if you walked out near the end of his stall and offered him a 10 or a 20 to do it for you real quick he would be MORE than happy to. I understand this is still not free but its cheaper than the 50-100 dollars for .5 to 1.0 hour that they will likely want to charge.

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