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wjross 03-13-2012 11:15 AM

Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
Hey, looking for some help if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it. I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee and am in the process of replacing brake pads. I have the Akebono calipers. The problem is in my front drivers side caliper, the lower slide pin is firmly ceased in place and won't allow for the caliper to be remounted with the new, thicker, pads. I've been continually shooting it with a brake cleaner, and PB Blaster. Left it overnight to soak with the PB Blaster, and still the hammering brings no movement in the pin. Any thoughts, ideas, or advice is much appreciated!


Frango100 03-13-2012 01:16 PM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
Many people forget to lubricate the slide pins on regular basis, which causes them to get dry and rust. You did remove the bolts which attaches to the pins? The pins have a small flat at the side where they connect with the bolts. Are you able to turn the pin with a wrench on the flat?

TJXJWJ 03-13-2012 02:12 PM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
I'd get your hands on some replacements...they are pretty cheap, and cause a lot of issues. I know I had to wrestle with mine for quite some time to get them out. Brute force prevailed.

wjross 03-13-2012 02:27 PM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
Frango, the bolts loosened from the pin just fine its the slide pin i'm having problems with. I am the second owner of this vehicle and this is my first attempt of a brake job. the front passenger side is done, and im working on the rear brakes now, while waiting on the parts store to get in a new caliper bracket and slide pins and boots to replace this one. Replacing the caliper bracket looks like it will be a fun job, as one of the bolts is covered by a brake line. Didn't want to move lines and bleed them but it looks like i have to now

Frango100 03-13-2012 05:39 PM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
I know your problem is the slide pin itself, but it has a flat at the end, where you can put a wrench on and (try to) turn it. If you are able to turn it, it should be easier to remove it.

wjross 03-14-2012 01:09 AM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
yes sir, put a wrench on it and turned till ive just about got a hernia. lol. and then i even used a hammer on the wrench, still no turn. last resort was putting a floor jack under the wrench to turn it and the darn thing still wont budge. it has amazed me how locked up this stupid pin is. Ordered the new caliper bracket and pins, as they cost me about $30 for both!

TJXJWJ 03-14-2012 06:57 AM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
Have you ventured into trying heating it yet? IT's amazing what a little torch action can do. Just be very careful you don't damage any seals. You just want the surrounding metal to expand a teensy weensie bit to aid in getting that pin to turn. Once you have it turning a little, that's 1/2 the battle.

wjross 03-15-2012 10:11 AM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
that does sound like a good idea, we considered heating but didn't try it out. Ive got the new bracket mounted, and the new pins in and greased well (so hopefully this won't happen again). bled the system and got it workin good. thanks for the help.

TJXJWJ 03-15-2012 10:18 AM

Re: Ceased Front Brake Caliper Slide Pin
Glad to hear you've got it back on the road....:thumbsup:

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