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navger 03-22-2012 03:38 AM

Price of my stock wheels
Hello guys/gals,

I'm a new user of this great site and Jeep owner since 2007. I recently purchased a used 2011 JGC Laredo with 17" stock wheels. I'm currently in the process of getting the 20" Overland wheels delivered and hopefully installed by this coming Saturday. My question is, if I want to sell my stock rims, is it better to tell the shop to leave the tires on the rims and sell it bundled or just sell the wheels by themselves? What's a fair price for the set? This is my first time doing any type of modifications so any help is appreciated.



kkreit01 03-22-2012 11:20 AM

Re: Price of my stock wheels
I assume you are swapping/keeping your TPMS sensors? If so, it probably doesn't matter if the tires are remounted or not. The new buyer would have to install TPMS sensors -- depending on their use, and have the tires dismounted anyway.

I'm unsure your location, but you could always keep your 17" set for winter or wheelin' use.

Price would depend on if you include the tires, and what shape they are in. Buy a tread depth gauge, and measure exact depth of each tire if you intend to sell. Post the x/32nds for each in the ad. I tend to shy away form sellers claiming 50% tread remaining, etc. You can't run a tire down to 0/32nds. Well, you can, but you shouldn't!

navger 03-22-2012 11:44 AM

Thanks for your reply. I'm swapping out the tpms. It's good to know about leaving the tires on and the tpms, I hadn't thought about that. Living in California the worst winter we get is 2 days of rain. Maybe I'll hang on to them for a while and just see what happens.

Thanks a lot!

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