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Djv1389 03-23-2012 10:09 AM

Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
I have a 2011 overland that has a wooobwooob noise in the front end I have had it at the dealers 3 times and it has spent the past week at the sevice department and they changed the right front bearing and the sound is still their but it has gotten better but is not totally gone.can anyone help I'm tired of chasing my tail I want it back to the original state it was in when I bought it.

armoredsaint 03-23-2012 10:27 AM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
are you sure it's not wind noise? our JGC is about as aerodynamic as a bread truck. :D

Djv1389 03-23-2012 12:40 PM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
not wind noise it varies with the pavement did the whole tire thing a couple weeks ago was not that either that is why they tried the bearing.the bearing did remove the horible shake i would get in the front end just after making a hard left at about 40mph and getting on the brakes it felt aS IF THE ROTARS WERE WARPED 1" OUT OF SPEC it would shake your fillings is present from 18mph and up but at highway speeds you could feel it more than hear it or the pause in between just becomes one constant noise and blends in.i have read several post where pepole have had a simALAR noise from day 1.we are taking the car back tomorow and crysler aproved a rental car i hope they fix it.i have had grand cherokees since the first platform the zj which we traded in on this 2011 and i think it had less mecanical problems than this one.we had the zj,wk,and wk,all were limiteds or better with best at time full time awd just do not enjoy paying for a vehicle and driving a rental for 2 weeks my two kids are hooked on the back seat tv.i hope some one points me in the right direction or they fix it so i can post a solution because this is not normal.

ajs800 03-23-2012 02:59 PM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
interesting...may be similar to what I'm experiencing, but it seems like yours is much worse. I don't think many would even notice the issue that I'm hearing/feeling unless it's pointed out.

Djv1389 03-23-2012 05:53 PM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
hello thanks for your is nice to hear there is some help out there.yes mine when it started mine was the same i pointed it out to my wife and she never noticed until it got loader but pavement has alot to do with it mine is perfectly quiet on smooth macadam, i live in north east pa i noticed if you ride on macadam with rain groves even though it is smooth it sounds horible and. this is how my wife found out on the why to our kids doctors there is about a 2 mile strech and it is not a nice thing to notice about a almost 50000 dolar i said you can hear it and feel it in the steering wheel but i can say replacing the right wheel bearing has tamed it a little but it is still there i find it hard to beleive i would have two bad wheel bearings but we will see.i wounder if it has something to do with the front drive system my build date is 1-11.i heard that first builds had alot of trouble.

ajs800 03-26-2012 04:21 PM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
I have a late build date June '11 (last 2wks for 2011 model). I tested mine today on the hwy and there seems to be no rhyme or reason on when it makes the humming (with a soft high pitch tone). It comes and goes regardless of speed, accel, decel, coasting, "N", etc. It sounds like it's all tire related, but i also find it hard to be believe, although, the tire do seem to be junk as they vibrate badly at hwy speeds and have a thumping feel/sound at lower speeds when on smooth pavement.

I am creating a small list of stuff for when I take it to the dealer in a few weeks.

Djv1389 03-27-2012 08:51 AM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
Sounds like it could be the same thing.the tires on mine when on smooth pave and perfectly quite and the noise in the front end is gone.its funny how smooth the vehicle is when the vibration and noise is gone my dealer cross rotated my tires and put a set on off a new vehicle it was still there.I did look under my vehicle before bringing It back to the dealer and found the rack leaking on the passenger was there an entire week you think they would of noticed the leak instead of just adding fluid it had to go some where.they did change the passenger side bearing and hub but that did not fix it either. I will update after they come up with a solution Chrysler is not going to want to keep paying for a rental.good luck

ajs800 03-27-2012 08:56 AM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
keep us posted...i know another member on here had the front passenger bearing replaced and it did the trick.

Do you have the 18s or 20" wheels and when they swapped off a different jeep were they the same wheels? I'm considering throwing on a set of 18s just to compare ride and noise levels, although I'm positive the humming(slight tone sound) is not tire/wheel related. It's either in the axle or drivetrain.

Djv1389 03-27-2012 09:38 AM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
they were the same 20".we originaly were going to order the off road 2 package to get the skid plates but this one came up with a good deal,good deal of trouble to.we did drive a couple with the 18" tires i did notice less road noise but the air suspension seems to compansate a little for the lower profile tires.i keep looking for tires to replace these there are not alot of choices.i run bridgestone dueler at revos on our 2005 grand but i do like the smoother ride of the new jeep so i do not think i will change to a all terain tire seeing we have on with the capability allready it only has 20k on it.we had the goodyear rsa on the 2005 they were ok seemed better than these.

Djv1389 03-28-2012 12:15 PM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
just got back from the dealer after they replaced the driver side bearing whent out for a ride with the mechanic as we were leaving the dealer he said you know the normal loop i said nope we going to a different route today.i found a strech of fresh tar and chip road near by the dealer that was perfect no bumps pot holes or filled gaps and a tree line on both sides.there was no need to say do you hear it he just said that would p**s him off on a long trip.they are going to replace the front rack due to leaking and also replace the saft going down from the steering wheel if this does not work we are going to get a crysler engineer in with sound testing equipment he said.i hope i'm not beeing used as a lab rat for new toys around the shope but in the end if it is fixed who cares.i just miss my jeep this 2011 chevy impala just does not come close beside the fact there is no noise in the front end.

ajs800 03-28-2012 02:10 PM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
Can you describe the sound in detail or provide comparable sounds? I am trying to determine if we're dealing with the same thing or not. In addition to the hwy humming higher pitch sound, I also get a thumping feel from the front end. I'm almost certain the thumbing is tire related.

Djv1389 03-29-2012 12:11 AM

Re: Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed
The sound I'm dealing with is almost like a bad strut that had lost all it's oil,or a air conditioner fan failing.i do not feel any thumping.i did have a problem when merging onto a highway with a long sweeping on ramp if you would push the car and get onto the highway and get on the brakes hard the front end would shake violently (the bearings corrected this problem).the sound verys greatly with pavement and is the worst with tar and chip and rain groves Bering the worst where it makes the sound constant but there is no rythyme to it.the funny part is on perfectly smooth pavement there is no noise at all you can sway the car left and right like you were driving in between cones and it does not even make the littlest of noises and feels nice and tight.i live in northeast pa and our roads are not the best so 50% of the time the noise is always changing.when it first started it sounded like the blower motor fan was going,then I thought it was a wind buffering noise I thought possibly do to the air suspension going through the inner fender and having that large opening at the top that it might be air moving over something,that was when I noticed as time went on and it got loader pavement was the biggest factor.hope this helps good luck.

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