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chitownjeep 03-24-2012 11:17 PM

Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
I'll be plastidipping my rims in the morning. I'm super excited, as I recently picked up a set of Moabs/BFG tires. This will be my first attempt at plastidipping, and I'm hoping all goes well. Thanks to all the others who have posted instructions! I'll be sure to post some pics/tips once I get everything done tomorrow. :)

chitownjeep 03-25-2012 09:43 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
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I spent about 3 hours on my rims today. It was a decent amount of work, but I think they turned out looking really nice. Below are some pics/tips. Next week I'll be putting them on :)

After reading up on plastidipping, the first thing I did was spend a little while on Saturday thoroughly cleaning my rims with some rim cleaner. That gave the dip a nice clean surface to stick to.

Today, I brought all 4 tires out, and put them on garbage bags. I then used index cards to avoid spraying on the tires. It also helped to protect against any debris that was blowing around.

I started with a light 1st coat. Everything that I read said to start slow, and then build on.

After the second coat, I used more of the dip each time. Overall, I did 5 coats, and the rims look really nice, and look pretty even. I even tried to scratch them, and I couldn't do it.

Thanks to everyone who has posted on this topic. I'm happy to answer any questions.

Da Jeeper 03-25-2012 10:25 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
Wow looks good... any idea how long plastidip lasts? does it hold up in car washes etc? seems like a great way to help the way to much chrome on the overland

chitownjeep 03-25-2012 10:30 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
I've seen pics from guys who say they did it a year ago, and it still looks new. I think it really depends on how thick you put it on, and what type of driving you do. I also heard that it can hold up in car washes, as long as you don't have the rims scrubbed.

This is my first attempt, so I'll be sure to keep this updated to let people know about the durability.

The good thing is, you can always touch up the rims if they get marks.

Jvenrick 03-25-2012 10:31 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
Looking good. Lets see them on the whip!!

JMLoughrey 03-25-2012 10:58 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
Note to self: Buy plasti-dip and index cards.

machinanyc 03-26-2012 09:18 AM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
I've had plastidip on my rims and badges for over a year and I couldn't be happier. I've been through car washes, NY winters, crazy heat and it's held up unbelievably. Very happy with it and as long as you do it right the first time, you won't have to worry about it for a long time.

Rob07WK 03-26-2012 09:21 AM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims

Originally Posted by Jvenrick (Post 600557)
Looking good. Lets see them on the whip!!


phox 03-26-2012 08:18 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
holds up no problems through carwashes and even my powerwasher. also, every couple weeks, I just put a few light coats on them again to keep them fresh! since it's so easy and cheap, why not, right?

also, I always keep a can/plastic bag/masking tape in my trunk for touch up on the go. better safe than sorry.

Edit- looks great man!

chitownjeep 03-26-2012 08:46 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy to hear that you guys have had positive results with it. I'll post some pics when I get them on this coming Saturday.

I'm thinking about dipping the chrome next. :D

303WK 03-31-2012 02:03 AM

Looks real good bro!!!!! Luv that stuff..

Did mine with a one off cap,that I painted...

Now pics with them on the WK

chitownjeep 04-05-2012 02:55 PM

Re: Plastidipping Rubicon Rims
I posted pics with the wheels on my jeep in member rides. Check it out. I think they look really nice!

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