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White WK Swagga 11-11-2009 08:34 AM

***Check Gas Cap*** Indicator
Does anyone know how to clear this or could it be something else causing it. I checked the gas cap and drove about 50 miles or so and the warning is still there.

Knightrider03m 11-11-2009 08:37 AM

Re: ***Check Gas Cap*** Indicator
Most lights like that turn off after a few key cycles once the problem is cleared. If the light don't shut off with in 4-6 times of you starting your car, then I would take it up to the dealership.

DAVY27 11-11-2009 08:39 AM

Re: ***Check Gas Cap*** Indicator
Nate, i had this prob a month ago. Check gascap and eventually the check engine light comes on. reason for mine was the sensor and i got it replaced. service guy told me after tightening it up, it take about 6 starts for it to go off. before i took it to the dealership, i tried unplugging the battery but it just pop back up after 2 days.

White WK Swagga 11-11-2009 08:41 AM

Re: ***Check Gas Cap*** Indicator
Ok I only had about 4 start ups. I'll go start it up a few times today and see what happend.

B.P.O.D 11-11-2009 09:32 AM

Re: ***Check Gas Cap*** Indicator
must be a 09 thing. i haven't gotten this yet

Knightrider03m 11-11-2009 01:04 PM

Re: ***Check Gas Cap*** Indicator
My check gas cap light is a joke. I had my cap off and partly off and the light never came on :lol:

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