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Roki303 04-03-2012 09:28 AM

EPA fuel economy figures - when?
Any idea when will these be released for 2013 model? I belive last year those figures were released around August for 2012 model when it went through some minor changes.

Would love to see what diesel MPG will be. VW Touareg is 23mpg highway for V6 model and 28mpg highway for diesel model. I would expect something similar as well in case of GC.

Wondering what 8 speed tranny will do to those numbers.

SnoFire 04-03-2012 09:50 AM

Re: EPA fuel economy figures - when?
If you search the forums, the 8 speed won't be out for the 2013 (unless very late MY). If you didn't see the 2012 MPG until August, it might be the same timeframe as well.

We are waiting some great news thanks to Milous that will be coming soon here:

JTS97Z28 04-03-2012 11:35 AM

Re: EPA fuel economy figures - when?
Also, its pretty easy to figure out roughly what the CRD fuel economy will be based on what it does in current imported CRD WK2's.
If I remember correctly it was somewhere around 33mpg highway, and like 26 or 27 combined. Im not sure what city is somewhere in the mid 20's or somethin. Its certainly respectable, but ofcourse diesel fuel costs even more than premium gas, and obviously the diesel WK2 is gonna be more $$$ when its available in the U.S. (whenever that will be).

mpatel1080 04-03-2012 09:56 PM

Re: EPA fuel economy figures - when?
Just doing rough calculations from the australian website which says the V6 uses 11 L/100km , V8 uses 14.1 L/100km and the Diesel uses 8.3 L/ appears as the diesel uses 24.5% less fuel than the V6 and 41% less than the V8. If we apply these numbers to the 16/23, and 13/20 EPA numbers we end up with 21/30 and 22/33. I know this is not exact, but it should be somewhere in that ballpark. Maybe the big surprise is that the CRD will hit 30 mpg on the highway. :-)

Also the Australian site says the Hemi takes 8.7 to reach 60 and the CRD takes 8.2!

padgett 04-04-2012 07:50 AM

Re: EPA fuel economy figures - when?
Not surprising, my 6300 lb RV runs 26-28 MPG on the Interstate and is 1980's technology. At first I did not car for diesels because my one experience was replacing a vacuum pump in a 190D, filthiest engine I ever worked on. The Styer/BMW diesel in the Vixen is as clean and odor free as any gas engine. Just being an alloy engine I need to be very careful about temperature (am anyway)

I understand that over 50% of the passenger cars in Europe are diesels now and can't help but wonder what the anti pressures are here. We should be over the Cadillac disaster by now.

Interesting part is that in Canada, diesel appears priced between regular and midgrade gasoline while here it is more than premium. Wonder what the difference is ?

ps am using 3.79 liters per US Gallon (different from Imperial).

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