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bossk 04-08-2012 07:55 PM

Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
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Finally got around to replacing my stock halogen bulbs with some aftermarkets. The WK2 uses a H11 for the low beams and 9005 for the highs. I've had good luck with Silverstar Ultra's on previous vehicles so I figured I go that route again. I could not find the H11 bulbs in SS Ultra at any of my 4 local auto parts stores or amazon, they seem to have been replaced by Sylvania's new zXe line of bulbs which I purchased. I was able to grab the 9005 high beams in Ultra form (zXe was available). So far I've been very happy with the output, range does not seem drastically improved but it is a much brighter and whiter light IMO. All in all after I figured out what needed to be removed it took me about 30 minutes from tear down to putting it back together. All that should be needed is a 5/16 socket with an extender and a flathead screwdriver.

1. For the passenger side there are 2x 5/16 bolts (images 1 and 2) that have to be removed, without removing them the coolant tank is in the way of the bulbs. Remove the bots and the tank will just swing out of the way allowing full access.

2. On the drivers side unsnap the 2 lid latches on the filter box (image 3).

3. Unscrew the clamp holding the intake tube as you cannot fully push the filter box out of the way while it is connected (image 4).

4. Unsecure the rubber molding from the filter box intake, is is secured via a plastic T (image 5).

5. Remove the air filter.

6. There are 3 rubber grommets holding the filter box in place, lift up firmly, it took more force than I thought it would to remove. Once the box is off the mount you can either remove it completely or push it out of the way enough to get to the bulbs.

7. Lastly, just get in there! It's a tight fit, especially if you've got mongoloid hands like me, but it can be done!

I've also attached pictures of the new bulbs in comparison to the stock fog light bulbs.

Scottina06 04-08-2012 08:33 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
does the Jeep not have an access port on the fender liner like the Durango?

bossk 04-09-2012 06:28 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
There is but I don't see how you can get to the high beams without tiny tiny forearms if at all. I would have had to follow the above steps regardless to swap those out.

nrtst24 06-16-2012 08:29 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
I have did the same change and the color of light is much nicer than the stock bulbs. I am waiting for the H3's to come out for the fogs so I can do those too. Here are a few pics of the light difference for any who are interested. These are from the daytime but you can see the difference. If I had to make guess at the color change % I would say maybe about 25-30% whiter thank the stocks but not really HID territory.

nrtst24 06-16-2012 08:42 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
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OK well I guess no photos... I did not know the images had to be hosted somewhere else to include them in a post. Maybe I will get around to setting up photobucket. until then here are the images as attachments not sure how they will show up.

nrtst24 06-18-2012 05:21 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
I talked with a Sylvania rep through email and for everyones information the additional sizes like the H3 for the fogs will be out in the fall instead of now.

bossk 06-21-2012 09:34 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
Any idea what wattage? No going to melt the plastic I hope..

JackBurton 07-03-2012 07:09 PM

Re: Halogen headlight bulb replacment guide
Just to state my experience so others don't try out different bulbs and waste money, I had done this on a previous car, gone with the Silverstar Ultras. And once again I am unimpressed with them, this time in my WK2. If you read the Silverstar package, they do state that it is a brightness increase over a used bulb - I was going from pretty much new. Yes, once installed, the color temp in the housing appears whiter (I would guess 5000K), but as far as road illumination color and intensity they are near identical to stock. You can take convincing photos, but only over a used bulb will you see any improvement, but that's true for replacing an old bulb with new. I would actually say Silverstar Ultras are slightly worse than the stock Osrams I pulled out.

In my last car, Osram Nightbreakers were the only halogen that was legitimately brighter, but still towards 4300K color temp. I ended up going with HIDs and loved it. Why did I bother trying Silverstars again, I'm such a dummy, thinking it would be different this time.

So if you want brighter halogen, Nightbreakers. If you just have old, high use bulbs, any new replacement will be better. But if you are like me, forget trying halogen aftermakets (and the truly white ones are always less intense), the only real solution for whiter, brighter light is HID, which I'll be pursuing for my WK2. It's honestly not much worse of an install if you're already willing to get to the bulbs in the first place.

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