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the_cueball 11-15-2009 12:14 PM

Remote control
Hi Guys,

I have 2 remote key fobs for the jeep, I changed the batteries on one, but it stopped working, now the other one seems to be working just when it feels like it, and I have to be right next to the drivers door before it unlocks...

I have now been told that you have to take them into the dealers to have them reprogrammed to the jeep?????

Anyone know if that is correct?????



robpp 11-15-2009 04:45 PM

Re: Remote control
if you have 2 working you can program a third. if you only have one working, go to the dealer and bend over......

StoneCold 02-16-2010 06:32 AM

Re: Remote control
Hey Cueball,

Good to see a fellow Jock.

I had same problem. Changed the batteries and nothing! took it to the dealership in Perth, they had a look for free, tried a few of the tricks, I believe it involves pressing the unlock button six to eight times in quick sucession. They had no joy.

The salesman explained that when you change the battery the circuit gets a sudden surge of power and frazzles the electrics and you need to have them re programme it ie get shafted

the_cueball 02-16-2010 06:39 AM

Re: Remote control
I took the jeep and 2 remotes to the local dealer....

40 later they had fixed the broken one, but done nothing with the one that was getting harder to use...although they claim they fixed that also...

Now guess what????

It has stopped working, and I can only use the spare one!! :rolleyes:

So, I had 1 remote that works, went to the dealer and spent 40, now I have 1 remote that works!!!


You been enjoying the snow over the past few months in Sunny Scotland???


StoneCold 02-16-2010 07:47 AM

Re: Remote control
Good grief! Yeah the snow has been great! I live in a wee village with mountains on one side and when it snows, it snows! Had two feet over night. It was that bad that a snow plough overturned outside my house! Spent most of the morning hauling my neighbours cars out. Jeep was superb in the snow.

Supppose 40 isn't bad if the job's done right. My local dealer charges 84.75 incl VAT an hour!

Rich 02-16-2010 08:55 AM

Re: Remote control
You need to open the fob and re-solder the ground bracket that holds the battery in place. I'm sure if you look you'll see it has popped off the board. I've had the same trouble with both of mine. Try not to push the unlock button harder when it doesn't work, I know I do.

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