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Filly1sock 04-10-2012 10:28 PM

Binding noise & U can feel it too every am.
I've got a 2007 4x4 5.7 HEMI G.C. with 54 thousand miles & it recently started making a "binding" noise that you can hear & feel through the driver's seat when I pull out of the drive way in the am. This is distinct & disturbing. It happens again when I leave work in the pm. After a couple hundred feet it goes away but is very distinct when it occurs which again is after the Cherokee sits all day or over night. I hear & feel it when I leave the drive way & make my left turn to get into the street.

I bought this Jeep from Carmax & it was initially a good buy but it also started to die at a red light too??? It idles at about 500rpm & tends to die at the red light especially if I had just been driving assertively "using" the HEMI; in fact, this almost assuredly guarantees it will sputter & die at the red light. It has always re-started but WTHeck?

I'm more concerned with the binding feel & sound that started a few days ago & this is the only 4x4 vehicle I've ever owned so I'm flying blind here...

Can anyone assist please??? :eek:

2005JGC 04-11-2012 12:07 AM

Re: Binding noise & U can feel it too every am.
You may want to consider differential services and maybe a transfercase service. Your front and rear differential require a LSD additive otherwise it will bind just like you are suggesting. I almost wonder if your diffs are low or dont have enough additive. after a couple miles it will work the fluid around enough to properly allow the clutches to slip.

You may want to pull your intake off and inspect your throttle body, be sure if you clean it that you jsut use cleaner on a cloth (not dripping wet, just moist) and wipe down the throttle blade and surrounding area.

I have a scantool to perform a throttle relearn procedure but I believe I have read if you turn the key on and slowly apply the throttle to wot let it out then turn the key off, I have heard people appreciating a change this created. Possibly also perform a battery disconnect. The jeep is adapting to your driving style constantly and sometimes it likes to run a little better before it starts tuning for your driving habits.

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