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misfit77 04-12-2012 01:47 PM

First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Last year I installed Sahara 18"s on my WK. At the time Hypertech had no MAx energy for the 3.7, so I bought the tire calibrater. Dealer couldnt do it, but thats another story.

Well last night I saw that you could upgrade the calibrator to Max Energy.
Called this morning, the guy was nice and easy to work with. Less that 10 minutes and $200. I was set.

5 minutes to deprogram my jeep, 5 to update my programmer, 10 to reprogram the Heep.

I was able to adjust for 32" tires, regular fuel and add +200 rpm to my redline. Left coolant and top speed alone. All this is done at one time.

My thoughts...
I don't feel anymore power. Shifts seem sluggish if I barely press the accelerator, step on the gas it shifts a little stiffer. When flooring it , it shifts at a higher range. Unfortunately anything above 5K rpm trips my ABS light. Light would not go away until I came to almost a stop. Not good if I am hauling ass and need to stop quickly. I can not determine its effect on MPG. I will be traveling over 500 miles this weekend. I should have some numbers.

Current Setup:
Budget Boost Lift
K&N Drop In
Ported Throttle Body
32" tires
14" Magnaflow instead of oem.
Royal Purple in Diffies and transfer case

Things of concern..
The upgraded programmer zapped my radio display. I have a European 6 disc changer that plays WMA/MP3. It would not reapper with switching the ignition on and off. I pressed the "TIME" button as if I was setting the time and it came back....hope it won't happen again.
When picking fuel type, my 3 options were STOCK, REGULAR, PREMIUM.. WTF is the difference from stock and regular? I had already chose the Performance mode vs stock mode.
I am going to lower my redline to avoid the ABS problem.

I think there is a 4wheel dyno here in Tucson. I plan on running a baseline and program in a few wheeks. I will post later.

FlyinRyan 04-12-2012 10:52 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Contact Hypertech about your issues, those aren't normal

Regular would be a slightly spruced up version of the stock tune.

Geevis 04-13-2012 06:18 AM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Did you turn your radio off during the install? They mentioned in the instructions to turn off your radio, and unplug all other devices.

I installed the Hypertech in my 3.7 and noticed an immediate difference in throttle response and low-end power.

The difference between the stock, regular and premium settings is that "stock" brings you back to your original manufacture settings, "regular" will give you Hypertech's tune for using regular fuel, and "premium" will give you HT's tune for using premium fuel (which I currently use).

misfit77 04-13-2012 10:06 AM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
I did not get the radio issue when it was a calibrator. I will turn the radio off next time.

I believe that my lack of feeling power is equal and opposite to the placebo effect that people get when they install a mod and their Butt-Dyno tells them that they gained HP.

I will reprogram the jeep before hitting the road today. I won't make power accusations to HT until I dyno.

Geevis 04-13-2012 11:14 AM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
It's still strange, because I noticed a definite improvement in the way the Jeep pulled immediately after the install.. It wasn't just a slight improvement over the stock configuration, but a noticeable difference which I wasn't fully expecting.

FlyinRyan 04-13-2012 11:25 AM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Misfit, what is your PCM #?

misfit77 04-13-2012 12:11 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
I dont know where the PCM is but I will go look.

I reprogrammed +100 rpm and still get the error @5500.
I emailed HT

misfit77 04-13-2012 12:16 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Looks like the Motorola PCM had an Authorized Update. There is a sticker covering the old one.

Here are some numbers 898AD Sequence 697090. Some other number REKUA I mean letters.

Do you need p/n - s/n?

FlyinRyan 04-13-2012 01:39 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Btw cant expect much out of 87. Cant expect much period when theyre stuck using the same WOT fueling delays as the factory. All these canned tuners do that likely because of EPA, they crank up the timing and knock or pull KR like crazy because of it.

FlyinRyan 04-13-2012 01:45 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
Also, P/N

misfit77 04-13-2012 03:35 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
PN P05094898AD.

Wholly cow the downshift in this thing sucks...this might be same as my previous statement sluggish at part throttle.

Merging to highway traffic was slightly worse than stock.

I know there is a 30 day money back on modules. thinking of seeing if it applies to upgrades.

FlyinRyan 04-13-2012 04:06 PM

Re: First Impressions of Hypertech on 3.7
FWIW, your PCM is supported by SCT....

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