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5.7x360 04-13-2012 03:31 PM

Multiple Problems hoping dealer fixes on monday 4/16!!!16
I am taking my 2012 Hemi gc into the dealer on monday for some on going problems with my drivetrain i beleive i just wanted to post up and see if anyone has had the same situations so i know what to expect...
1) On initial acceleration sometimes feels like the rear takes a second to engage and it can be felt through the car. makes slight clunk noise.
2) sometimes when going into reverse from park like backing out of a space there is a groaning/vibrating noise underneath like driveshaft area? thinking maybe transfer case/Driveshaft?
3) sometimes brakes feel like they dont want to stop when cruising at highway speeds for more than say 3 miles without hitting the brake kinda feels like an old car with manual brakes and then starts braking after about 3 seconds.
4) power steering seems to make a lot of noise in the morning to the point where i obviously notice it and dont think it should
5) under heavy acceleration from a stand still sometimes from 1-2 shift 1st feels great then it shifts to second and feels like it looses all power for about 2k rpms then picks back up like nothing happened, i know it has vvt but this is beyond that and it only happens time to time not always

Im just hoping that they can recreate these problems and find a solution to them

Any suggestions as to what could be the problems here any input is appreciated.

MikeD 04-13-2012 06:47 PM

Re: Multiple Problems hoping dealer fixes on monday 4/16!!!16

I was told the slip on initial acceleration is normal, great design.

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