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padgett 04-13-2012 04:42 PM

It becomes clear, the GC is not a passenger car.
Was browsing a bit on CAFE standards and for 2012 a vehicle must exceed 22.5 mpg to avoid the Gas Guzzler tax. Since my WK2 is rated at 19 MPG & didn't pay any tax, I wondered why. Turns out the magic number is 49 C.F.R. § 523.5

Apparently my GC is not a car, it is a Light Truck and exempt because it meets certain criteria (my values in parens):

"(b) An automobile capable of off-highway operation is an automobile—
(1)(i) That has 4-wheel drive; or
(ii) Is rated at more than 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (6500 lb)
; and
(2) That has at least four of the following characteristics (see Figure 1) calculated when the automobile is at curb weight, on a level surface, with the front wheels parallel to the automobile's longitudinal centerline, and the tires inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure—
(i) Approach angle of not less than 28 degrees. (nope, 26.3)
(ii) Breakover angle of not less than 14 degrees. (19.0)
(iii) Departure angle of not less than 20 degrees. (26.5)
(iv) Running clearance of not less than 20 centimeters. (8.6 in/21.8 cm)
(v) Front and rear axle clearances of not less than 18 centimeters each.
(IRS - 10"/25.4 cm measured)"

Now I know why I need a step to get inside, if 2" lower, it would not meet (iv). If the tires were smaller, it would not meet (iv). To meet (i) the nose would need to be shorter. This is one example of criteria the design must meet that are not obvious.

Chrysler-Jeep really has very good engineers just their agenda is not always the same as some of ours.

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