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04overlandWJ 04-15-2012 12:15 AM

New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
Ill start off by saying hello this is my first post. I just bought my first Jeep Grand Cherokee, its a 2004 limited. It has the factory navigation and 10 disc cd changer. But unfortunately one of the issues with the jeep is the factory navigation screen is broken it wont show a picture but the sounds works. I looked at factory replacement ones and they want like $1500 for one... I know I could but new head unit for way less than that! I should also mention I do not know much about audio stuff. I swap the head unit on my jeep wrangler that the existent of my audio experience. So any advice and tip would be greatly appreciate

So I would like to put a new head unit in As Soon as Possible! but i would like find out how hard it would be to put a double din head unit in... I looked on Crutchfield website and they say they wont fit... I know i have seen people with them so i just wanted to get some info on how put a new navigation system.

Any suggestions on head units would be appreciate. The head unit does not have to have navigation (It would be nice) The One thing I know i want in a new head unit is a back up camera system and Aux port 3.5 mm and/or usb


cheapjeep 04-15-2012 09:25 AM

Re: New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
Check out this thread.

04overlandWJ 04-15-2012 06:12 PM

Re: New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
Thanks for the response CheapJeep!
The pictures look great! It doesn't look it will be hard to fit a new head unit to the front bezel. How do you mount the head unit in the factory location?? Do you have to make tabs or is there a kit that you can buy? How hard is it to hook it up to the factory wire harness? Is there a lot of splicing and soldering or connections? Or can you buy a wiring harness that will plug into factory and a new head unit?

cheapjeep 04-15-2012 07:47 PM

Re: New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
You'll have to ask the op of that thread about the mounting options as I only have a single din flip out screen in mine. They do make a plug in harness though and if you buy from Crutchfield you get it free.

04overlandWJ 04-16-2012 09:02 PM

Re: New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
how do you like the flip out screen? Do you have any pictures of it?

cheapjeep 04-17-2012 04:04 PM

Re: New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
I like it a lot but if I'd known about the 2 din bezel at the time I would have gone that route. Less moving parts = less things to break:lol: and just looks better IMO.

04overlandWJ 04-17-2012 05:50 PM

Re: New Jeep need some audio help ASAP!
Thanks for the Pictures. It looks good and Its got to be nicer to be able to buy it from a place like crutchfield and have the installation kit and wire harness already to go. Its a route that I'm considering. But your right the in dash ones look better... Thanks for help I'm Defiantly going to do more research on the Double Din conversion.

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