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Tampa Mike 04-18-2012 08:18 PM

Amp break-out cable
Hello all,
I am planning on installing a SQ-focused sound system in my 2012 Overland and would like to retain as much of the factory wiring as possible. At the moment I do not plan to replace the head unit, however I do see that the speakers could, er, use some improvement... as could the level of amplification.

I researched a bit and found an aftermarket interface by PAC that uses the CAN bus (, however the reviews are less than stellar thus far (people specifically noting interference, not a fan of that) and the instructions are written in some pretty choppy English. That being the case, this will likely not be my preferred direction.

More research revealed that the amplifier is provided with what appear to be pre-amplifier outputs from the head unit, however these inputs are provided in two proprietary harnesses (called Amplifier C1 and Amplifier C2, My question: does anyone sell break-outs for these connectors? Also, if I were to fabricate my own break-out are there any "gotcha's" I should watch out for (i.e. CAN bus must be able to talk to the amp)? Also, has anyone ordered the harness repair kits and, if so, what is in them?

I know I can cut & splice, replace the HU, use high to low converters, or the CAN bus adapter from PAC, however all of these options are either irreversible and \ or will create signal loss or degradation. All inputs appreciated!

- Tampa Mike

fundguy 04-21-2012 04:26 PM

Re: Amp break-out cable
Wire this inline and when you cut speaker wires just leave enough so you can reconnect later when you sell. You will want to get wires from back of deck, run to this, then run this to amps, then run new speaker wires from amps directly to speakers, not back to stock speaker wires. The stock wires won't handle the added power and will add noise. When you take the system out, just hook up the old wires to the stock stuff. You can leave the extra speaker wire there.. Won't hurt anything.

Tampa Mike 04-23-2012 03:30 PM

Re: Amp break-out cable
I was actually looking at using a sound processor (JBL MS-8 or Audison bit Ten), I was just trying to avoid using speaker-level inputs (why is it that these OEMs can't seem to provide pre-outs?!). Is there much room behind the WK2 dash near the radio? (I just got mine, haven't taken it apart yet)

fundguy 04-24-2012 08:09 AM

Re: Amp break-out cable
They all have them. Just realize that extra bells and whistles cost you more and if you aren't going to use them its a waste. The JL has a built in amp but it is too small to effectively run aftermarket speakers so its a waste. Same with the displays it produces. Looks cool but you will find you almost never if ever even look at it. Something quality that's cheaper would probably serve better. Also, there is some space behind but not enough for a file cabinet. Small processor maybe. :thumbsup:

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