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mtnjeep 04-18-2012 09:38 PM

Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Somewhere I read about the material used to line the wheel wells and that it helped decrease tire/external noise. That makes sense. For those of you who have gone through a winter and put your vehicle in the garage I'm wondering if the snow/mud sticks to this more than a metal surface. I finally got rid of my 4-Runner with rails that held a ton of snow underneath that melted in the garage. The wheel wells were not too bad.

How does the material on the GC 11-12 do in the snow? Does it cake on or pretty much clear itself like a metal wheel well? Along the same lines I'm wondering if mud flaps are a pain with retaining snow or not? I live in snow country. I have a new GC 5.7 Overland and wondering what it will be like next winter for parking in the garage and shedding/retaining snow.

Justal13 04-18-2012 09:47 PM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
It was no worse than other vehicles I have had in the past. Past vehicles with side steps or running boards were more of an issue for me. The GC OEM splash guards on mine are less of a issue than the ones on my wifes GM. Those are a PITA for collecting slush and snow, then dropping/melting it all over the place. I live right on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and this was about the mildest winter in decades here. It may not have been a very good test.

Both my garages at home and at work are heated, so my vehicles go through the full slush melt cycle 2X per day in the winter.

Willir2 04-20-2012 09:41 AM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
I have to disagree with Justal13. I live in WI also, and the snow sticks to the that material alot more than the norm plactic wells. So I usually just knock out the snow before entering Garage.

mtnjeep 04-20-2012 10:20 AM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Think I'll be knocking off a lot of snow but it will beat having the running boards we had on a 4-Runner. Thanks for the input - it's hard to think the snow will shed very well off this material as well as the plastic wheel wells. Time will tell. I tried silicon spray one time on the wheel wells but if it worked at all it didn't last very long. Maybe some other kind of treatment would help?

hububub46 04-20-2012 10:46 AM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Has no affect on the amount of snow or mud or what ever accumulating in the wheel wells. No difference at all.

hububub46 04-20-2012 10:48 AM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
I think they have different snow in WI.... Tell you what spay the wheel wells with PAM and lemme know how that works for ya! lol

mtnjeep 04-20-2012 10:51 AM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Actually, I think I tried that once but a can doesn't go far. :)

mtnjeep 04-20-2012 11:00 AM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Check out this product.

I was thinking that if someone could come up with a commercial product that could be sprayed on from a bulk sprayer there would be a nice market for it in snow country, esp. for people who have garages.

Justal13 04-20-2012 07:41 PM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Sorry, but everything builds up a little thicker in Madison (ha). I live in the part of Wisconsin that Madison thinks is in Minnesota...

But actually, my situation may be a bit different because I commute daily between home and work heated garages. And the GC still picks up less winter crap than my wifes car for some reason, and less than the Ford SUV that I traded.

Next winter might be a better test, as we did not get much snow this winter. Whenever we got more than an inch of snow, I told my wife I was going 4-wheeling. And I don't know if the neighbors appreciated my doing donuts in the cul-de-sac. Sometime I would go to the Fleet Farm parking lot late at night to do some 4-wheeling, then run it through their touchless car wash (best wash in town)...

mtnjeep 04-20-2012 08:02 PM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
My sympathy to your geographic/political situation.:lol: CO had a poor snow year as well - 50% of normal here in the mtns. I didn't have the GC till this month so can't make any comparisons on the snow build-up on the truck but what I'm hearing is positive. One has to 4-wheel where one can - to my wife's consternation she is often with me when I get the impulse. I'm intrigued by the DuPont teflon coating though - may have to try that out next winter.

wildturkey47 04-26-2012 04:59 PM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
Farm Fleet, tractor supply and other farm supply stores have some stuff like
the dupont(mentioned above). Farmers spray it in their gravity boxes to make
whatever material slide out easier. I use it on my mower deck so the grass
doesn't stick as easy.

1200RT-P 04-26-2012 06:13 PM

Re: Wheel Well material in winter and mud
The worst part of the wheel well liners is how they pick up thorns, burs, and other tough plant - they are near impossible to dislodge. I normally take a power washer to the wells before taking the car to the carwash.

Mud seems to wash out going through a normal carwash. Can't speak much to snow.

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