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jmc2004 04-21-2012 02:42 PM

05 wk 5.7 obd code p0430
First time, I have a p0430 code popping up,and before I start throwing money at it,I had a few questions. Would sub par fuel cause the code to pop up? I have had it cleared and it was off for 2 days before it came back. I was also curious how big of an exhaust leak would cause it and where to look for one as I have read that may be the culprit. Is replacing the o2 sensors a good place to start? Some people say that its unlikely that they are bad. Will it hurt anything besides emissions if i let it go for a while or could it damage anything? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

jeepgcoman 04-28-2012 07:35 PM

Re: 05 wk 5.7 obd code p0430
How many miles on your 05? I suppose it is possible for bad fuel to cause this, and leaded fuel will, for sure. If you have over ~75K on it and are not sure if the O2 Sensors have ever been changed, I would probably change them. I had a lazy one on my WK and changed all four. Cost is about $120, or so. Labor is ??? I just got back from a ~2000 mile trip with my Hemi LX and noticed a lazy one on it. It only has 53K on it....the WK's went out at just over 60K. Strangely, the lazy ones were both in the same position, the 2/1 sensors, or passenger side front. If a sensor or sensors is bad your fuel economy will probably be sub-par too. Before you change them, go ahead and check for exhaust leaks though, just for giggles. I imagine a leak could trigger a code, but I had a pretty good leak at a header flange gasket and didn't get a code. It did send a false lean signal to the PCM and my fuel economy tanked as a result. Good luck on your search. Hope it's not a cat. They can be spendy.

2005JGC 04-29-2012 01:39 AM

Re: 05 wk 5.7 obd code p0430
the catalyst monitor uses the downstream oxygen sensor to determine how fast it switches, when it mimics the upstream o2 sensor close enough, at least close enough to break a threshold it throws the code. Poor fuel could contribute to this in the long run (and NEVER suggested in even your lawn mower let alone your expensive transportation). But your likely looking at a catalytic converter, iirc the P0430 is bank 2 but either way if you were to get a y pipe from chrysler it would include both.

I will say, my sister bought a mazda pickup, brought it to my parents mechanic because it have a P0420 code, he replaced the cat and it kept coming back, he then proceded to replace 1 oxygen sensor at a time each time not fixing it still until I convinced her to bring it to the dealer, they clearly showed her on a graph the downstream switching like the upstream and told her she needed a cat, she brought it back to have her cat warrantied at my parents mechanic and after trying one last thing (not working) he finally replaced the cat again and viola, no check engine lamp... If for some reason your under 80k miles this should be a free repair due to the federal extended 8/80 warranty.

Also it is not uncommon for this dtc to not reset for a couple days, it takes driving about 55mph, in the neighborhood of 1800 rpm with light throttle apply for a specific amount of time to run the o2 monitors which must run before the catalyst monitor will run, THEN the catalyst monitor will run.

jmc2004 04-30-2012 08:18 PM

Re: 05 wk 5.7 obd code p0430
Thanks for the info guys. I was considering cutting the cat out and replacing it with a new one,rather than buying a whole new y pipe. I have seen some people on here do it with the 4.7,but I havent seen anyone post anything about doing it with the 5.7,so I was curious if the tube diameter was the same and which after market cat would be best.

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