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05HEMILTD 04-21-2012 04:49 PM

Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
Hello everybody, I'm a serious newbie to the forum and a fairly new Jeep owner. I have owned my 2005 WK Limited 5.7 QDII since January 31st, my first vehicle purchase, pretty exciting. It had 80K on it, I now have 83,500. From the day I bought it I had noticed a surge when accelerating slowly from a stop. After researching this message board, I realized I had the EXACT symptoms people were describing when having a faulty EGR valve. I replaced the part myself, and to my dismay, the surging, as well as other issues still exist. The only thing that it fixed was the prounounced 'TICK' coming from the engine bay after I turn the vehicle off. My question is, did I mess up the installation from a computer standpoint by not disconnecting the battery before I replaced the valve? After replacing it, and test driving, I realized I probably should have done that, so I pulled the cables, waited a minute and restarted. Did I allow the computer to store the old info with the new valve? Or does it sound like I need a software update? I am unaware of what updates it has done to it. Thank you everybody, hope to figure it out, it's a great vehicle otherwise.

***Also, the shift into OD seems a little firm, almost a subtle thud, inherent Chrylser OD feel? all other gears shift beautifully.

dr.lee.baugh 04-21-2012 05:36 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
It is unlikely that you screwed anything up by leaving the battery connected.

It will take a while for the computer to adapt to the new EGR valve. For the surging issue, I would recommend running a good quality fuel system treatment (alot of people around here speak wonderfully of Seafoam) and also cleaning the throttle body (if it hasn't been done in those 80,000 miles, it will certainly be due for a good cleaning). Just search this site and you will find plenty of descriptions on how to do it properly without damaging the electronics in there.

I would guess with those two things, you should notice an improvement in the throttle response, and it should be more predictable. I had quite a bit of surging with mine 2005 Hemi w/ 150,000+ miles, and it smoothed right out after cleaning the throttle body.

If that doesn't work, you could look into the throttle position sensor, may be as good a starting point as any. You could try re-calibrating it (again searching the threads will let you know how to do this) in the interim to see if that helps at all.

Welcome to the Jeep club!

05HEMILTD 04-22-2012 03:42 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
Thank you very much for your insight, I have been doing a series of maintainence items since I purchased it, since I didn't get records. I have cleaned air filter, engine oil and filter, tranny fluid and filter, EGR, and I will be putting it in for plugs and wires, PCV, and I guess Ill have the throttle body done. Im a little nervous to mess with the TB myself with the electronics. Ill report back!

In the mean time, anyone else who has changed thier EGR themselves have any advice for me? I found a few with the search who claimed immediate results after changing, maybe someone could chime in. Thanks again everybody


4.whoa 04-24-2012 02:31 AM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
I changed my egr and definately had a big change right off the bat, HOWEVER i cleaned the TB, ran seafoam through it & changed the plugs 1st.
the TB is really easy to clean yourself. when its cooled down, pull the air intake, unplug the wiring and remove the 4 little 5/16" bolts and remove it. lots of people use alcohol to clean it, i use carb cleaner - MOSTLY ON A RAG. you just do NOT want to get solvent into the electronics of it.
its really easy, just keep that part at the top, and the cleaner cant run down into it. heres a pic of mine (this is the backside & its not that dirty cuz i have a catch can and i clean it every few thousand miles or so)
once thats clean,set it aside and clean as far into the manifold as you can reach (you will most likely see some oil in there)
just do what you can (every little bit helps)
when thats done, button her up and get some seafoam. again do it when its cooled down. I put it in(sucked in when running) where the pcv line goes into the mani- it gets good distribution,and helps clean the oil out that gets sucked in through there :thumbsup:if you can get it to stall after at least 1/3 of a can is in, good ,if not shut it off then wait about 10-15 min and start it, in a well ventilated area !!
you need to rev it a bit and you will soon see this.....or worse !
the 1st time i did it she smoked ALOT!!! be prepared to drive around smok'n for a bit. if you can, WOT seems to do a better job then part throttle (IMO) keep driving it around till you dont notice it smoking and ta-da! :D

jeepgcoman 04-28-2012 06:56 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
While many of your symptoms lean toward the EGR Valve, as said above, there are other things that could cause this. I think I'd wait until after you change the plugs and wires. Since yours is an 05, you may want to consider the Taylor Shorty wires. Do a search and you should find them. If not, let us know. I've had them on my 05 Hemi LX for about 6-7 years now. Also, use only copper core plugs....stay away from iridium and platinum. If you are not aware, there are 16 of them. I use NGK LZTR4A-11, Stock No. 5306 in both my Hemi's. It would also help if you had the most current CALID flash files installed in the PCM/TCM.

What's your current fuel economy like, city, mixed and highway? What kind (octane) of fuel are you using? Since you probably don't know the maintenance history of the vehilce, just picking away at it like you're doing is probably the best way to learn/verify the status of everything. Keep us posted on your progress.

FlyinRyan 04-28-2012 07:04 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
I didn't know the EGR sticks that far in like that, boy is that ugly. :(

4.whoa 04-28-2012 08:27 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
yep, and you can see to the right where the exhaust started to melt the manifold a little bit ( the whitish spot )

dmsfun 04-29-2012 10:32 AM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
THe surging you are experiencing is due to a gunked up TB. WIth over 80k, it will be caked heavily. Do not take it to a dealer or mechanic to clean it, as they will just charge you hundreds and it is simple to do yourself. I would recommend first getting a catch can before doing this, or else it will just get dirty again before long. An alternative is to not mess with cleaning it and just buy a new Modern Muscle ported 85mm TB after putting the CC on It bolts right on, and takes 20 minutes to install, and it will make a notable difference over a cleaned stock TB.

dmsfun 04-29-2012 10:44 AM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
Also, if you put the stock intake back on, it will drive much better with more low end and midrange torque, and you will hear the sweet hemi sounds, instead of all the intake racket. I used one for a year, and would never go back after putting the stock intake back on. The stock intake is well designed, a true CAI, and drivability, throttle response, and the MDS switching is all far better with it on. Mine really pulls strongly all across the rpm's with the MM 85 TB and the stock intake.

05HEMILTD 05-01-2012 02:09 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
Well thank you everybody for all the information, really amazing all the details everyone has to offer here, I am very in tune with the auto world and really enjoy all this insight. I am a busy employee/student trying to find some time, semester closes friday so next week will be Jeep time. First off, I need to change my sig, I just have a K&N drop in, stock intake, but it seems the throttle body is a definite culprit. Im sure I can do research, but about how much would the new ported throttle body run me? And I did also want to make sure I have the most recent software installed, without a programmer, is the dealer the only option? Plugs are definitely going in next week, as well as PCV at the same time.

@jeepgcoman, I appreciate your info, and to answer your question about fuel, that is a bit of a concern with mine too. I am using 89 octane only, and religiously either Shell or BP fuel only. I have Valvoline 5W-20 in her, and my mileage is consistenly 13.3 hand calculated. Now I didnt expect great fuel numbers from an AWD Hemi, but my commute to work is as follows. 5:30 AM, no traffic, 10 miles at an average of 50 down a city road with very few red lights because its so early. 1:30 PM take back roads, cruise on 40 mph the whole way home with maybe 3 stops for lights. So basically I average a cruise set 45 mph with little to no stopping and I am at the bottom of the city rated mileage. If thats healthy, Im fine with it, but I really feel I should be seeing 15-16 for that kind of driving. I can honestly say I hardly jump on it, It is a wonderful feeling, but Im young and staring at the fuel gauge, so I stay out of it. Of course gas went up 70 cents 3 weeks after I bought it. lol Ill start getting on those various tasks and report back.

I will say it feels healthier and smoother, both accelerating and shifting in auto-stick, which leads me to believe software flashes may help considerably. Thanks again.

05HEMILTD 05-01-2012 02:13 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
One more thing, would a faulty TPS throw a code? I have no codes or lights, but between 45-50, with cruise set, it fluctuates in RPM's a bit more than I feel it should, I remember from other forums some WJ and Dakota 4.7 545RFE owners were experiencing similar issues and felt the TPS helped.

dmsfun 05-01-2012 02:20 PM

Re: Replaced EGR myself, did I miss something?
THe Modern muscle 85 TB is like $360. I would also go ahead and replace the MAP sensor and PCV valve, as those are fairly cheap (not from the dealer). THE MAP is a PITA to install, but after doing it once, I could do it quickly now. Lastly, I would definitley give the hemi the Seafoam treatment; that really woke up my hemi with 70k on it, even after replacing all the other stuff like EGR, PCV, MAP, and with a CC and clean TB. Put it in the gas tank and in the oil about 50-100 miles before changing the oil, and it frees up the sticky MDS lifters, with much improved throttle response.

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