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Tampa Mike 04-23-2012 02:53 PM

Audio opinions (SQ)
Hello all,
I'm getting ready to install a new custom sound system in my WK2 and wanted to get some opinions on the planned components. The previous system I installed in my 07 Grand Cherokee was mostly Infinity Kappa Perfect (I still have the amps & subs, had to give up the component fronts and rears though). I was very satisfied with that system, but now that I'm considering trying out in SQ competition I felt that I should probably get into some of the more high-end brands. I appreciate any (non-flame) inputs anyone can provide!

Front \ Rear ComponentsAmplifierSubwooferSound ProcessorAlso, is there really that much of a difference between the high-priced (though still somewhat reasonable) component systems like the ones mentioned above and the ultra-high priced components such as Focal Utopia Be series, the Rainbow Platinum series, or the Audison Thesis series? And last, are there any valid bad reviews on the PAC C2A-CHY3 (

Mr Chill 04-24-2012 01:24 AM

Re: Audio opinions (SQ)
I like to see people keep it in the family on higher end applications.

Audison processor, Audison amplification and Hertz drivers would be beautiful in an SQ WK2. Law of diminishing returns really comes into play with super high-end drivers and the "enclosures" we're forced to use in a vehicle.

What is your source unit?

Tampa Mike 04-24-2012 10:35 AM

Re: Audio opinions (SQ)
I was using a Pioneer AVIC in my last Jeep, however I like the integration that the factory deck has with the dash & wheel on my new Jeep. Normally I am anti-factory deck, however in this case I might just keep it since the audio lines coming from the deck appear to be pre-amps.

I was actually pretty surprised at how well the factory tweeters were positioned on the WK2; they seem to be on-axis!

I am not all that familiar with Hertz speakers, they look like a pretty quality product. Also, they have a nice 950W 5-channel amp that might just work with my setup (I'm trying to keep the back usable and not use 2 amps and a pair of 12's again).

Mr Chill 04-24-2012 10:59 AM

Re: Audio opinions (SQ)
Hertz is very popular in Europe. My local dealer stocks them and has very good success with all their lines, even the $1k components. I used a set of their entry-level 6.5" components that were designed to run off low rms (deck power) and was very impressed with their efficiency and tonal balance. Folks on the audio forums seem to really like the mid level set. I have not seen anyone running Hertz amplifiers so you would be in a small pool of originality there.

No worries on using the stock source unit. It doesn't have the highest quality d/a converter or output signal, but a good processor will do wonders. I recently played with a Rockford 3Sixty.3 in a Trailblazer SS and walked away wondering why high-end receivers still have any market at all.

Tampa Mike 04-25-2012 01:31 PM

Re: Audio opinions (SQ)
So I stopped by a local Elettromedia (Audison, Hertz, etc.) dealer yesterday to take a look at the Audison and Hertz components and I have to say I am glad I did. The Audison Voce series sounds amazing, pretty much dead-set on those for my speakers now. Also, I didn't notice that the Voce 5.1k amplifier actually had class A, A\B, and D channels (A for tweeters, A\B for mids, and D for subwoofers); brilliant design! Also, the Voce accepts a digital input from the bit Ten which eliminates any possible interference you might find in a RCA connection. Then came the price quote... yeow! Regardless, I think I can handle the cost with my upcoming bonus. It looks like I'll be getting
- (2) AV 1.1
- (2) AV 3.0
- (4) AV 6.5
- (1) AV 10
- (1) AV 5.1k
- (1) AV quattro
- (1) bit Ten D
...but probably after a bit of saving :). Right now I'll just design the amp racks \ subwoofer boxes to house all of these new goodies.

remmy 04-28-2012 10:50 AM

Re: Audio opinions (SQ)
Yea, Hertz ia REALLY good stuff for the money. I myself just ordered 4 Hertz Hi-Energy 6.5" midranges to replace my weak 5.25" Eclipse drivers. Gotta say it still kinda hurt on the price ($560 :eek:)

Also, the MS-8 is kick ass as well. I just ordered Win XP software for my MacBook and if I cant get my Alpine Imprint running Im ditching it for the MS-8 myself. I LOVE Logic7 sound. Most audiphiles hate it but theres something about it. If I do get the MS-8 Ill install Tang Band full range 2-3" drivers in the rear pillars of the tailgate and a 4-5" Hertz Energy coaxial in the center dash to get the best out of the MS-8.

The winner with adding said surround drivers is that the MS-8 supposedly can self power them with its own internal amplification. For sound effects I think it will work out fine without the need of an external amp.

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