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CherokeeChief 04-27-2012 05:06 AM

V8 WJ Rear end nois (with audio)
I need your experts opnions for a noise 99% in the rear end of my 1999 4.7 V8 WJ. It is like a "roar" with highest pitch around 50 MPH (80 km/h) and it is present during each phase, accelerating, coasting and constant speed. It has only a slight change when coasting. The noise is present even with transmission & Transfer Case in Neutral position.

Already done:
- Tyres change (8000 miles) Yokohama Geolander H/T-S
- Diff oil and addiive change
- rear wheel bearing change (4000 miles)
- rear prop shaft U-Joint change (4000 miles)

Mechanics (4 asked) said it could be tyres or bearings in rear diff
I was thinking to:

- Front prop shaft CV joints
- Any of rear wheel bearing defective
- Rear tyres defective
- Diff internal bearings
- Rear diff LS clutches

You can download an audio files showing the noise in every conditions from here:

Thank you in advance.

Frango100 04-28-2012 08:38 PM

Re: V8 WJ Rear end nois (with audio)
Didnīt hear too much in the sound clip.
You did change already some things, was that due to this noise, or did the noise start somewhere in between? When changing the diff fluid, was there any strange color or any metal particles in there? Was there any sign of wear to the pinion or ring gear? Where the axle bearings changed on both sides and was that for the same noise? When axle bearings get bad, you normally hear the sound changing when loading them when making sharp turns.
Could be the differential bearings.
But also, noise can propagate via the driveline to an other place and put you on the wrong track. I would also check the T-case fluid for level and contamination. If you want to be sure that the front propeller shaft is not the problem, then just remove it and drive a bit without it.

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