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indenco04 05-01-2012 11:42 AM

Jeep 247 Transfer case
Okay. So I have read as much information as I can find about the infamous failure on the fault regarding fluid in this particular unit. Also, the subsequent service bulletin and fluid re-work where they switched to a Mobil 424 tractor hydraulic fluid. I found a NAPA 1 gallon premium tractor and hydraulic wet brake fluid that the information on the back indicates is the EXACT same formulation as the 424. Should I do it? It is rather affordable...I might add. A gallon will set me back a cool $14. Advice...Thank you in advance.

01grand 05-01-2012 02:05 PM

Re: Jeep 247 Transfer case
It might work fine if its the same, but 2 quarts from the dealer cost about $20, for peace of mind thats what I went with. Its not like its something you have to change all the time.

Frango100 05-01-2012 02:32 PM

Re: Jeep 247 Transfer case
Chrysler likes to give their own names and numbers to already existing fluids and oils and then tell you that you may only use theirs ofcourse (for 2x the price:mad:).
Indeed their fancy P/N for the 247 T-case fluid is nothing more then Mobil 424 fluid. Because overhere (imported) parts and fluids are very expensive, i bought a gallon of the Mobil 424 fluid and im using it since 3 years without any remarks. When you can be sure that the fluid is really exact the same as the Mobil 424, i don't see any reason why not to buy it. I now change the fluid every year, but thats still around 35000 Km.

indenco04 05-01-2012 07:27 PM

Re: Jeep 247 Transfer case
to the above reply... Thank you once again for the supportive advice. Your knowledge is a very valuable resource for those of us who need some clarification and insight. You are the kind of person whom deserves respect and cheers. Thank you.

Frango100 05-02-2012 08:35 PM

Re: Jeep 247 Transfer case
Every time i hear about the prices in the US i get a bit jalous. One quart of the "special" chrysler 247 T-case fluid runs here for about USD 70.:eek::mad::slapfight::wtf:
I could buy 20 liters of Mobil 424 for about USD 220.
You really have to love a Jeep to keep it running overhere.:ohsnap:

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