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Dabitz 05-02-2012 08:01 AM

Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
I need to get a trailer hitch to hook up a bike carrier, but don't wish to go OEM. Don't want to pay the dealership to install and don't have time to do it myself. My question is, does anybody have any experience with the Uhaul's? I like the price and they install it, but I don't want to mount something that will get all rusty within a year.

Yadkin 05-02-2012 08:13 AM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
Not necessarily with UHaul, but with two other aftermarket hitches, is that they do rust. Also my friend's daughter got her neck injured while stopped at a traffic light in her Volvo sedan, rear-ended by a small car at about 15mph. It made direct impact on the receiver and bypassed the energy absorbing system in the Volvo.

Justal13 05-02-2012 11:08 AM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
I would never trust U-Haul to install a trailer hitch. Many years ago they really messed up my brand-new Chrysler Mini-Van installing a hitch. They took a torch and cutting tools to it. Rather than drilling, they torched holes in the frame. Rather than removing the exhaust per the instructions, they used a sawzall to "trim" the exhaust brackets and parts of the unibody frame to gain access to install the bolts, and poked holes through the cargo area floor in the process by using a 10" long blade.

And yes, the piece of crap U-Haul branded hitch was like tin-foil and rusted almost immediately.

I avoid U-Haul except for renting moving vans and trailers, and even then only when I have to. Absolutely avoid them like the plague. Pay a little more and let your dealer, or a local quality hitch installer to install a decent hitch like Curt, Reese, Drawtite or Hidden Hitch. If you are going after-market, find the one that tucks under the bumper the best - usually Hidden Hitch or Drawtite in my experience.

There are several threads where forum members have purchase and installed after-market and OEM hitches by themselves. It is actually fairly easy on the GC.

I do not understand why some people do not want the Mopar OEM hitch and wiring that installs integrated in the rear bumper. Vs installing an after-market hitch that hangs down below the bumper, reducing ground clearance in the rear. Also, the aftermarket hitches have more visible exposed metal to eventually rust. My factory Mopar OEM hitch is very well constructed and powder-coated, and still looks like new even after a full winter exposed to the high levels of salt and chemicals they use in the Midwest winters.

I really like the OEM wiring plug set that is built-in and has plugs for any trailer combo you can think of.

Dabitz 05-02-2012 12:01 PM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
I ordered the Draw Tite from Autoanything which has really good reviews and will install myself. With the discount code "ROYALTY" i got if for $145 including a pin lock. This is only to attach a bike carrier during the summer, so there is no way I was going to spend +$300. NJ dealer labor prices are ridiculous at +$120/hr.

Thanks for the feedback though, I did have a bad feeling about having uhaul touch my truck and your feedback confirmed my suspicion.

fundguy 05-02-2012 10:54 PM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
Price of OEM from dealer is similar to Uhaul. You really aren't saving anything and OEM looks, well OEM isntead of a big piece of ugly metal sticking out below your bumper. Most guys were saying price wise the parts were similar and install was only a couple hundred. Well worth it I would say. Up to you.

jp467 05-02-2012 11:02 PM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
Anything that doesn't have the OEM look is going to look like crap. I am not sure if any of the aftermarket ones will give you the OEM look, but If it doesn't you just cut the resale value of your vehicle in half. As for Uhaul I would not trust any of their stuff to make it around the block, in the past I rented from them twice got junk both times.

Yadkin 05-03-2012 07:08 AM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
I've had great experiences renting UHaul trailers. Last year I hauled a car from Asheville on a one-way rent for less than $60, and dropped it off less than 5 miles from my house. If I haul mulch for my garden, or crap to the dump, or need some lumber for a project, I can rent a small open trailer for $15, and a larger one or $18. Even the crappiest open trailer from Harbor Freight would cost me $600 or more, and I'd have to store it somewhere. I don't know how they make money, frankly.

fundguy 05-03-2012 12:59 PM

Re: Any experience with Uhaul trailer hitches?
There's a DIY post here about how to do the OEM yourself. Looks pretty easy. if you feel up to doing the aftermarket, why not do the OEM. Similar price for parts and OEM look and quality. Looks like it would take you an extra hour to remove bumper cover and cut a hole. That's about it.

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