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tnadanzig 05-08-2012 01:21 PM

New to Forum - 2007 Jeep GC CRD
I am new to the forum and wanted to say hello and share some info on my 2007 WK 3.0 CRD Limited. I purchased this Jeep about a year ago for my wife, no warranty. She was driving my 1997 ZJ and wanted something newer. I am a huge fan of diesels, so I got her a low mileage CRD. It took me a little while to find one, but I got a nice one with ~ 33,000 miles. It has been a great vehicle for us. For the 1st six months its total average was 19.3 mpg. It mostly drives in the city. I performed the elephant mod shortly after buying it. I changed all the fluids to amsoil. Back in December I bought a Custom Spooling Tuner and got a hot tune – dpf and egr delete. I didn’t load the tune until January. Since then the Jeep is running great and it should have come this way from Chrysler. Our new fuel average is 21.7 mpg with mostly city driving and several hard runs because of all the new power. I have also removed the exhaust resonator. I didn’t notice anything with that mod. I still have plenty I would like to upgrade, but I can’t have much down time. I plan on installing a secondary fuel filter, oil bypass filter, and clean up the intercooler piping. I have a tuned F250 6.0 and model some mods after that. I perform all my own maintenance and repairs so this will never see a dealer.

tnadanzig 05-18-2012 08:22 AM

Re: New to Forum - 2007 Jeep GC CRD
I have been running the Custom Spooling tune since January and finally got some time to play around with my bullydog watchdog. When I bought the vehicle I did some 1/4 mile runs. I got around to looking at my tuned ¼ mile times vs stock. I have an economy/performance Custom Spooling tune. It runs awesome with plenty of power and still rocking a 2.5 mpg gain on city driving. This is my wife’s vehicle, I believe it could be better, but she likes to use the extra power. The first picture is of the stock jeep on a 1/4 mile run with ½ tank of fuel and 40 psi in the tires via the tire sensors.
The next picture is of the Custom Spooling Tune ¼ mile run, all stock except the tune. I made sure I had ½ tank of fuel and 40 psi in the tires via the tire sensors.
I was hoping for a better 60 ft. time, but I can’t make full boost in first gear. All ¼ mile runs were a non-boosted launch. I based this on my wife will not run a boosted launch so I wanted it to be representative of her driving style. I run several ¼ mile runs of each version so this isn’t just one time only. All similar runs were almost identical.
I would like to get into the 13’s with this Jeep. That should be fast enough for the wife and keep the 10 month old daughter smiling. The next thing is a water/methanol injection setup and then an actual race tune from Custom Spooling. I’ve run h2o/methanol injection on my F250 for a while with no issues so I don’t see any issues with the Jeep. Plus it would help clean out the intake manifold now that the EGR is deleted. It will be on a switch so it can stay off if I want.

TJcust 05-25-2012 01:56 PM

Re: New to Forum - 2007 Jeep GC CRD
221hp and 329 ft-lbs. Nice!

I asked you this in the other section but how much was your tune and delete? did you actually remove the DPF or just turn it off?

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