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damazeen 05-12-2012 10:39 AM

Vibration from defective 18 inch Kumhos’
After having driven under 100kms per hour for the first 500 kms to break in my V6 export Laredo engine I decided to open her up and see what she could do. At 117kms I felt a strong vibration through the steering wheel. I went back to the dealership so they could handle the issue. They were nice enough about it and kept the car for three days (they also installed my tubular sidesteps which had just arrived.) After checking that there was no fault with the car itself they sent car to the Kumho agent. Kumho replaced one of the tires and balanced the remaining three and sent the car back to the dealership stating that they had solved the issue. :)
I picked my car up just as the week-end was starting in the middle of rush hour, so I couldn’t test to see if the vibration was gone. Earlier that evening I took her for a test drive. Surprise, surprise! Now the vibration started at 95kms and increased with speed. :slapfight:
So I took the car to a tire specialist with a Hunter GSP9700 to thoroughly check where the problem was. All four tires were inflated at different PSI’s, and all were unbalanced. One tire had a road force of 42, which meant that it was too far gone. Kumho had placed this tire in front. They tire tech’s did their best to balance it and stuck it in the rear. Driving back to the dealership, the car was finally smooth and no vibrations. :thumbsup:
The dealer asked me to come back on the 26th when their manager returned from vacation so that he could talk to Kumho about replacing the tire :confused: (don’t ask why, it’s just the way things are done here). Perhaps it’s just my luck, but two defective tires on the same car just says lack of quality control by Kumho. :mad: Jeep needs to stop taking them at their word and double check what gets put on their cars before they sell them to people. Anyway, the 26th is just two weeks away. And besides, it could have been worse.

damazeen 05-29-2012 05:01 AM

Re: Vibration from defective 18 inch Kumhos’
Well I finally had the remaining three tires replaced under warranty yesterday. Makes a total of four. Four tires with possible defects. I just hope they haven't done any damage to the driveline or struts or something. All in all I'm happy they exchanged them without giving me too much grief.

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