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beto4632 05-12-2012 12:02 PM

coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
So for today my project would be to flush my Raidator antifreeze and recharge my A/C. i Just hit the 150 mark on my 99 jeep grand laredo:eek:. And i was looking online that i should only use premixed 50/50 antifreeze when replacing but what would be the whole steps to actually properly flushing the antifreeze (cleaning the system). And as far as the A/C recharge were would the can connect too?
Thanks Guys:)

I think it found were the a/c coolant goes is it the EVAP Service?

Frango100 05-12-2012 12:57 PM

Re: coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
You could use a garden hose and just backflush the radiator and the engine. Do not use a high pressure, to prevent damaging something. Best is to remove the lower hose at the engine side and take the thermostat out. Now remove the upper hose and flush towards the radiator to clean that one and also towards the engine, to flush that side. Do this all on a cold engine.
Regarding the AC servicing, best is to let this do by a specialized shop. They beter remove all refrigerant and lubricating oil, test it with vacuum for any leaks and to remove all eventual moisture inside the system, and then put the right amount of special lubricant in and recharge it again with the right pressure.
This all has nothing to do with the EVAP system, which has to do with catching all fuel vapors from the fuel tank and to burn this off in the engine.

01grand 05-14-2012 09:39 AM

Re: coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
Exactly what Frank said! Unless you are feeling cheep, you can buy a can of a/c refrigerant and a charging hose at the local parts store, and the low pressure port you would hook to is on the line between the compressor and accumulator (large can looking object on the right side of the engine bay. However, like Frank said its better to have a shop do it, they have more accurate gauges and can add the right amount of compressor oil to the refrigerant to help maximize compressor life and make sure there is no harmful moisture in the system.

beto4632 05-14-2012 03:32 PM

Re: coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
thanks guys! ill just end up doing that.
As far as flushing out the coolant, do i also drop 50/50 in the re-savor tank or do i just dump everything in the radiator? This is were i got sorta stumped.

Frango100 05-14-2012 05:01 PM

Re: coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
You also have to fill the overflow reservoir to the full mark. You will see that in the beginning the level will drop a bit, because during the warm-up cycles eventual air , which will stay in the upper side of the radiator, will be send to the overflow reservoir and during cool down cycles coolant will be drawn back to the radiator. So during the first days check the coolant level in the overflow reservoir and add when needed. If you have the 4.7 engine, then don't forget to remove the bleed plug (where the upper hose connects to the engine side) to get most of the air out of the system.

Yadkin 05-14-2012 07:22 PM

Re: coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
When flushing the system pick up a can of prestone (or equal brand) flush fluid along with a large plastic drain pan. Follow the instructions on the can. Typically you drain the fluid first, and pump out the auxiliary tank. Find out from your local city where best to dispose of the fluid. Some treat it as hazardous waste so you'll have to empty it into milk jugs and haul it off to the drop-off and other locales tell you to dump it down the toilet.

The flush fluid is then emptied into the radiator and the system filled with clear water, then run the vehicle for 500 miles or one week. (This is why you don't do this in the winter.) Then you drain out the liquid (flush down the toilet), fill with clear water, run up to operating temperature, let cool, drain, then repeat until the system runs clear. This may take three or more cycles.

Buy this time you should know how many gallons it takes to fill your system. Fill up 1/2 of this volume with pure antifreeze then top off with clean water. If you have hard water then use distilled.

flyboy 07-30-2012 07:20 PM

Re: coolant flush and ac recharge 1st timer
it is best to have a professional do the AC recharge. It is imparative that the system be evacuated before any freon is installed. If there is any debries in the system it could block the orifice line or get into the pump or condensor and cause problems. Also make sure you put die in the system so you can find any leaks, should there be any. Just went through this on my 01.
Good luck.

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