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padgett 05-15-2012 06:56 PM

SiverStars ?
My H11 low beam headlights seem pretty bright to me. Can pick up a pair of SilverStar zXe's & was wondering if any better than stock ? They seem to be the same wattage & have lots of claims but few specs however anything that helps my eyes without blinding others is worth it.

FAUEE 05-15-2012 09:07 PM

Re: SiverStars ?
Years ago I ran Silverstars for headlights (in the days before cheap and effective HID kits). They are brighter, initially. However, they dim out VERY quickly in my experience, and it's not long before they are dimmer than standard Halogen headlights.

A worthwhile thing to look into may be HIR bulbs. Initially designed to be a cheaper alternative to HIDs, that sort of fell apart after HIDs got cheap. HIR bulbs are still seeing limited use (the new Edge Sport for example uses HIR bulbs instead of HIDs... to keep from crossing into the Lincoln MKX's turf).

Anyways, optically they're supposed to be nearly identical to halogens, just brighter. That said, there's something to be said for housings being designed for a certain light output, and not seeing the best results if you exceed that output.

Honestly, I would recommend buying a real HID kit, and retrofitting a set of projectors into the halogen headlights. The cost on projectors and HIDs has come down so significantly it's honestly the easiest/best way to go.

Jeeters 05-15-2012 10:11 PM

Re: SiverStars ?
I used to run Silverstars the whole time I drove my Liberty which was for over 8 years. Had to run *something* different than the stock because the Liberty's stock lights were really lame. The Silverstars were definitely brighter.

Never noticed any fading.

A pair only lasted about a year. And they were good about both dying at the same time. After one died, the other would die within just a week or two. I learned to just replace both at once all the time.

The whiter light didn't cut through rain /water too well because of the shorter wavelength, so they kinda sucked in lighting up the road in the rain. I kept the fog lights stock so their yellow light could help with that.

I've been happy with the stock lights on my Laredo, so haven't ever thought of continuing on with Silverstars or something else.

padgett 05-15-2012 10:36 PM

Re: SiverStars ?
I've been using SilverStars in 6054ST for years and cannot tell any difference between the ones I put in the 88 in 2001 and the ones I put in the white car last year.

That said I do not know if the H11s are different. I do know that the stock Reatta low beam was 37w so a 55w SilverStar was a big difference however the H11s are supposed to be 55w (legal max) alreeady hence the questions: has anyone tried and were they any improvement ?

ps looks like outside the US, they may be "OSRAM Night Breakers".

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