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buck9898 05-15-2012 07:04 PM

430n or 730n
Getting ready to get a new 2012 Grand Cherokee Limited. The 430n is standard . What is the difference between the 2 radios and is it worth the additional $500??

Brewster 05-15-2012 07:12 PM

Re: 430n or 730n
I have now had both since December. Started with the 730N, have the 430N now. The 430N is Garmin maps, the 730N is Navteq, to me the Navteq looks more real and detailed. The 730 has dead reckoning, voice control over Nav, split screen between nav and radio. I don't have the phone issues with the 430N I had with the 730N. The 430N seems simplier to navigate around behind the scenes.

FAUEE 05-15-2012 10:03 PM

Re: 430n or 730n
Before getting my Overland, most of the Overlands I looked at had the 730N. I was not impressed with it to be totally honest, the interface is much the same as the old Chrysler nav systems, and I found the voice control of the nav difficult at best. The RX350 I looked at before it had a much better voice control of the nav system.

When the Overland I bought turned out to have the 430N, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much better the navigation itself is. It makes you wonder why every company isn't using Garmin's software, and why Chrysler would even offer a non Garmin nav unit.

The dead reckoning, maybe it's useful if you're driving in a lot of tunnels. split screen between nav and radio is nice I suppose, but keep in mind with both of them you get the display in the instrument panel, the voice prompts, and I'm fairly certain it also pops the nav system on screen when there's an update.

I'm 100% happy with my 430N, and wouldn't trade it for a 730N if it were an even trade, let alone pay more for a 730N. IMO, the 430N is the superior system, the 730N just happens to be more expensive.

*sox* 05-16-2012 03:15 AM

Re: 430n or 730n
the big diffrent about the 430N / RHB and the 730N / RHR are,

the 730N are full option built in unit, navteq-navigation, full ipod/hdd compatibility, voicecommand, and bluethoot for phonecall and bluethoot streaming, all built in.

the 430n have "only" Garmin navigation.

when you want bluethoot, ipod conectivity etc.. you need the optional uconnect modul.

i love my 730N!

Andrew Klossner 05-16-2012 02:17 PM

Re: 430n or 730n
That's a little misleading. All vehicles with a 430N include a U-Connect module as standard equipment.

With the 430N and U-Connect, you get full ipod/hdd compatibility and bluetooth for phone calls. I think you also get bluetooth for streaming but I've never tried it myself.

The 430N displays the current speed and speed limit. It can load POI (points of interest) files. And, unlike the 730N, it is able to remember your presets and favorite locations for as long as you like.

Navteq makes the maps that all units, including the 430N, use.

FAUEE 05-16-2012 09:51 PM

Re: 430n or 730n
The 430N does include A2DP (BT streaming audio). It also supports MAP (messaging access profile) to read your SMS messages to you, and reply with some preset messages.

Neat thing about the 430N, it will actually tell you if it thinks you're speeding. If your speed is in black text, you're OK. Red, you're speeding.

ColdCase 05-17-2012 01:43 PM

Re: 430n or 730n

Originally Posted by Brewster (Post 629989)
The 430N is Garmin maps, the 730N is Navteq, to me the Navteq looks more real and detailed.

This is an error originating on WK2jeeps and some other sites that gets repeated here often by those that don't really know GPS. In fact both systems uses Navtec Maps, like just about every consumer GPS. The difference is that the 430N has Garmin software to present the maps, the 730N has Harmon (sometimes referred to as Harman) software. Harmon tried to compete with Garmin, TomTom, others in the consumer market a few years ago but were drummed out of the business because of poor reviews.

The 730N has dead reckoning and voice command destination entry, nice features that have the legs knocked out from under them by the harmon routing software. The software works OK for everyday use or the novice, but I'm used to more sophistication, customization, and performance. The 430 gives you the speed limit of the road you are traveling and a much better POI data base and routing capability. It also predicts time of arrival much better, the 730N typically 10% off. I think the Garmin maps look a whole lot better than the Harmon, but that is subjective. The Garmin has a bit of learning capability, will adapt to your driving style. Garmin does not take stop signs and stop lights into routing calculations well. Harmon may do a better job here, but it has such a propensity to avoid side streets that I dunno if that's cause or effect.

By the way, the garmin nav display is set to less detail by factory default. You can set that to more detail than Harmon if you so desire.

The only reason to get the 730N is you have to get it in order to buy an option you want, you want dead reckoning (extremely useful in those location full of tunnels like Boston), or want to enter a new destination while moving and don't want to deal with a lock-pick type modification. Whether its worth the $500 extra depends, I don't think so but I don't use dead reckoning much.

As far as BT integration, they both have their quirks, the 730N is adequate but certainly not without serious quirks. Hands free phone call integration works very well for me, however.

I'm not sure if sirius traffic is integrated into the 430N routing like it is on the 730N. That feature sends traffic data to the radio and the software tries to route around jams, if possible. There is a long thread on how useful serious traffic is. It seems to be getting better, but not reliable enough yet IMHO.

eibyer 05-18-2012 10:34 AM

Re: 430n or 730n
Thank you for the informative post ColdCase. I am saving up for a replacement of my radio and I'm leaning more towards the simplicity of installing the 430N without the need for extra harness.

Will the 430N take camera feed from a non-oem camera?

ColdCase 05-18-2012 11:53 AM

Re: 430n or 730n
I think you need a lockpick to add a non-OEM camera to either the 730N or 430N. I hear the V4 lockpick gives you three cameras. There are a number of threads about lockpicks and function. The hardest part seems to be getting the video signal from the camera to the radio.

eibyer 05-18-2012 05:35 PM

Re: 430n or 730n
I agree on the routing the video signal to the radio. I can do the radio install with a little work but the wiring for the camera is time consuming. It will have to wait until it cools down here in AZ. It's just too hot out to mess with the interior trims. I've looked at the install instructions a few times and it's a little overwhelming and scary (for me anyway) to pull apart the interior of a new car.

Andrew Klossner 05-21-2012 04:02 PM

Re: 430n or 730n

Originally Posted by ColdCase (Post 631084)
I'm not sure if sirius traffic is integrated into the 430N routing like it is on the 730N.

It is not. The 430N has Travel Link (weather reports, gas station prices, movie times) but not Traffic. The two products have such similar names that they're easily confused.

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