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diegosrt8 05-17-2012 02:13 PM

Amateur doing caliper paint and rotor change out. Should I attempt?
Hi Fellas,

New to this particular board but been on a different one for about a year now daily. Ive asked similar questions on there but its always good to get some feedback from an entirely different group.

I would really like to do my brakes over. I have the black brembos and want to paint them either red or yellow (buddy of mine just did yellow and they look awesome). While i am in there i would like to switch out the rotors for something with an awesome look. Drilled, slotted, and big. The more exotic looking the better.

Is this something I can do with a jack, proper caliber paint, and tire iron? or should I leave this up to some pros. I have basic knowledge of tools and all that but ny no means am I a gear head. Wanna be gear head yes though :-)

What do you guys suggest for rotors? I dont really need high performance brakes. just want the look. What would be the largest suggested size?

Also how do you guys keep the brembo decal when you paint. Do you tape it off or paint over it and apply a new logo when dry?

Thanks all

Mr Chill 05-17-2012 09:02 PM

Re: Amateur doing caliper paint and rotor change out. Should I attempt?
Brakes are a good place to learn mechanical skills. Scottina06 has a good how-to on brakes.

If you want the paint to last it will be best to scuff the calipers and/or prime them so the new paint adheres. You'll need high-temp paint as well. Brakes get toasty. New decals too, taping won't work well at all.

I'm looking at drilled rotors for mine. They cool quickly but don't eat pads like a slotted rotor would. Check the vendor section or at least make sure you trust the seller. I've seen some pretty horrendous knock-offs on ebay. Valucraft rotors and a drill press anybody? lol

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