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jeepgcoman 05-18-2012 09:49 PM

To Me, It's Worth It....Would It Be 4 U?
Just was going through the time slips from the various stages of my engine/exhaust modding, and thought I'd post the results. Since I usually keep my vehicles almost forever, I don't worry too much about the cost vs benefit vs. break even points. Briefly what I've done (big ticket items...over $200 or so) to the engine/exhaust in about the past 3 years are approximately as follows:

--Both Diablosport and Superchips (With Trans. App.) Tuners
--3 in. cat. back exhaust
--Custom Tubular headers and rework (total of 3 times) of cat. back
--FRI Sidewinder MDS compatible Cam and 6.1 valvetrain

Total cost of all this crap has run about $2500-2800, with the custom headers and exhaust being the most costly.

Is it worth it? Here's a WAG at the approximate gains I've gotten, not including the "fun factor" of enjoying all of it. To me it's worth it, to most, probably not.

--Approximately 70-100 rwhp
--Between 2-5 mpg on fuel economy. I haven't gotten less than 20 mpg on the highway since finished.

The following E.T's and speeds will show how the 2 degree advanced (wish I had advanced it 6 degrees like I did on my Hemi LX) cam has affected the low end power/torque, and top end of the engine. Note as speed/RPM increases, performance increases. Here are the changes in drag times from basically stock, with cat. back and tuner and then headers, cam, and improved exhaust added. Shows that the low end of the stock Hemi is pretty good, but the mid/top end, not as good.

--60 foot elapsed time improved by .079 seconds
--1/8th mile elapsed time improved by .37 seconds
--1/8th mile speed increased by 3.418 mph
--1/4 mile elapsed time improved by .582 seconds
--1/4 mile speed increased by 4.222 mph

Only a couple more minor mods. to go, some SRT reps. when the tires wear out, and a little work on the aerodynamics, and I am done....unless I can come up with something else, LOL!

Chaoul1 05-18-2012 10:01 PM

Re: To Me, It's Worth It....Would It Be 4 U?
Are you 2WD or 4WD? I still want you to make a video of your Jeep! Like a nice lean outside and inside cabin and some 0-60mph runs.

jeepgcoman 05-18-2012 11:09 PM

Re: To Me, It's Worth It....Would It Be 4 U?
Paul, I am a 4WD Overland (~4765 lbs. without anything in it.) with an SRT front end. I don't have a real video camera, but my wife took some crappy video of the last time I was at the races. She even went down the track twice with me and got some video of that. You can barely hear the sound though. Guess I'll have to find a better way to do it, and especially get some sound. It really sounds great both muffled and with an open 3 in. cutout. I'll work on it when I get some time.

Guess I should have added that the best E.T. and speed (corrected to sea level, since I am at ~3000 ft. elevation) so far is......14.067 seconds and 97.340 mph. IMO, not bad for a ~5000 lb. race weight.

Escape 05-18-2012 11:41 PM

Re: To Me, It's Worth It....Would It Be 4 U?
You already know my answer! Hell Yes!

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