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Ryan0751 05-22-2012 01:03 PM

2012 Spare Tire
I managed to damage one of my 20" rims on my fairly new 2012 JGC.

I found a local place who will refinish the rim at a decent price, in the meantime they swapped the tire for the spare.

Stupidly I had been under the impression the spare was full size.

Is this thing safe to go back and forth to work with (about 23 miles each way) as long as the speed is kept around 50 mph max (lots of traffic)?

The rim won't be back for about a week. Should I just rent a car?

Mendo 05-22-2012 02:14 PM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
If its the same as the export models you should be fine. The tyre still has the same circumference as the 20's it is just narrower. To be sure check the diameter measurements. It should say something like 235/75/18. You need to convert the metric (235) to inches then multiply it out (9.25 inches x .75 x 2) + 18 = 31.87" your standard tire should be 265/55/20 = (10.43 x .55 x 2) + 20 = 31.47". I've just guessed the tyre measurement so check them and do the calculation and they should be very similar so Ok to drive normally. Only worry is now you don't have a spare

Ryan0751 05-22-2012 02:20 PM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
It appears the same circumference. It's a goodyear, says "TEMPORARY TIRE" on it.

drdobsg 05-22-2012 02:54 PM

From what I read, the rim is a different size but the outside circumference is the same so it is considered a full size spare and can be operated under normal load.

AAAA 05-22-2012 05:37 PM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
Full size spare is an option. "Donut" is indeed a temporary tire. 46 miles per day for 7 days exceeds my definition of temporary.

Mendo 05-22-2012 07:45 PM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
in that case I tend to agree with AAAA

drdobsg 05-22-2012 10:30 PM

I thought it was included with the tow package that is standard on Overlands?

drdobsg 05-22-2012 10:35 PM

Just checked the build sheet on my Overland and it does say TBBP Full Size Spare.

mr_bots 05-22-2012 10:58 PM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
The full-size spare is still a temporary, non full-size tire, just bigger than the standard spare.

tnjeep 05-23-2012 06:48 AM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
That is dissapointing that the "full size spare" is not really what it is advertised as. I have always owned 4x4's and everyone I have had came with a real full size spare (usually the same size and brand as the rest of the tires). That is one of the reasons I wanted the off road package on my Laredo to get the full spare. The one that came with it is the same diameter as the rest of the tires and will work just fine but wish it would have came with an identical size as the rest of the tires.

Ryan0751 05-23-2012 10:24 AM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
Hmm, that's highly annoying. I added on the hitch at the dealer, but I guess that's not the "tow package". I have the V8 Limited.

What are my options? Can I purchase a spare wheel and tire that won't cost me a ton? If I have to rent a car for a week the price of fixing this damaged rim vs. replacing it with a new one doesn't quite make sense.

I'm on "day 2" of driving on this stupid looking spare tire.

drdobsg 05-23-2012 01:06 PM

Re: 2012 Spare Tire
This is what the manual says about the full size spare...
Full Size Spare If Equipped
The full size spare is for temporary emergency use only.
This tire may look like the original equipped tire on the
front or rear axle of your vehicle, but it is not. This spare
tire may have limited tread life. When the tread is worn
to the tread wear indicators, the temporary use full size
spare tire needs to be replaced. Since it is not the same as
your original equipment tire, replace (or repair) the
original equipment tire and reinstall on the vehicle at the
first opportunity.

In the Compact Spare Tire and Limted-Use Spare section it has a warning not to go over 50mph. There is no such warning for the full size spare. So as I understand it, it is a temporary tire but it can be driven as normal during that temporary period when you need it.

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