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hoffmanestates 05-22-2012 05:39 PM

timing on a 02 4.7
i tore motor apart last year as some of you might of read my post now its time to put it all together.... i found on rockauto they sell just the guides for the timing chain. and i am gonna save just getting these guides.....a timing kit with out gears or tensioners is 230 and a complete kit is 400...... and guides alone prob 20 a piece....i remember there are 4 just are they unidiretional?
my question how many of which kind do i need.... its been a while since i seen the motor so i wanna get these soon as possible before i go and start assembling it.... any help would be appreciated thanks....

JeepNut 05-26-2012 02:42 AM

Re: timing on a 02 4.7
I bought the $400 kit got everything you need to replace everything, oil tensioners, guides chains, chain wheels, timing chains. I wish I took more pics when i did mine but from memory the the guides are not the same. The lower side guides are the longer ones and are not the same as they were marked with 'front' on them and the top ones looked different from each other marking it fool proof to fit them incorrectly.

Should have the old ones somewhere in the tool shed if you need I can grab some photos of the old if you wish.
But I say buy a guide, tensioners and 3 x chains kit, the timing chain wheels in mine weren't worn but since I got them in the kit I replaced them anyway.

hoffmanestates 05-26-2012 11:51 PM

I just installed my repaired heads set timing.and checked other components that need repair or seals/gaskets.... I purchased guides from jcwhitney.... got in 2 next weekend in stall timing cover pump intake manifold ect....

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hoffmanestates 05-27-2012 08:32 AM

I set timing a different way.... I forgot to do #1 tdc on exhaust stroke.when I tore it all I installed both heads torqued to spec and installed a piece of straight metal into spark plug hole and rotated crank till piston was tdc.and mark on pulley matched with mark on timing cover. then I loosened cam strap bolts installed chain onto idler pulley and installed cam gear and rotated till v8 was on top...took gear off installed chain and installed onto cam. and did same to other side. tightened bolts bown and rotated motor 8 times in 360* each. and felt no binding....hope it works...will update once I'm ready to start...

Turbo charged G2X using tapatalk 2

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