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mikes07srt8jp 05-23-2012 06:01 PM

Paxton Supercharger Question
I have a Novi 1500 on my SRT. Wanted to know if anyone else has the same set up and if they ever had any issues with belts. This is my 2nd belt in the past year. My supercharger set up was made by GSMotorsports from what I can tell and it uses vortec plumbing. I have seen 1 other setup like mine but just a picture of the engine bay and looks exactly the same. Is there anyone that has it on their jeep? Also what can you tell me about the tension pulley or pulleys on the supercharger bracket?


Scottina06 05-24-2012 01:18 AM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question
send a PM to scjeep4.7ho Super smart guy with SCed Jeeps

scjeep4.7HO 05-24-2012 04:46 AM

What happens to the belt that causes you to change it? can you post a picture?

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mikes07srt8jp 05-24-2012 08:00 AM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question
this last time is just shredded into bit size pieces. but it was be cause of it being a crappy belt. the previous time it was a gates belt and it threw the belt off as if it was too loose. I have a dayco no slack tensioner and I had a mechanic check it out in the past to see if it was straight and everything checked out. I researched online on different bracket thinking it could be that my SC bracket was an old design and found a different bracket with a adjustable pulley near the supercharger. But couldn't find any information about it or where I could get it.
Ill post a picture up later today after work of the set up.
If you do a google search for jeep srt8 vs porche Cayenne you will find the same set up on this jeep mine looks the same but it doesn't really show much. here is the link


scjeep4.7HO 05-24-2012 05:51 PM

Yeah, I can't see much from that picture. Sounds like it's slipping and finally wearing the belt through. How much boost are you running?
Do you see any black belt dust?

I finally had to have a cog setup custom made to get past belt issues.

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Escape 05-24-2012 10:49 PM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question
What is the deflection in the belt when it is cold. I have heard on other units there should be a 1" deflection when cold. If to tight is shreads it and to loose is slips and throws it.

Yours may be different though, just passing on info I have gathered.

mikes07srt8jp 05-25-2012 09:02 AM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question
it was raining yesterday so didn't get a chance to take a pic, but its pushing 7 psi. ill take a pic today for sure of the set up. i havent seen any belt dust. im going to take it off today and clean all the pulleys and see if there is any debris in the groves. I would like to change to a cog setup if i could get some help doing so. The belt it has now is a Gates 5061020, i had a Dayco belt on it before and it seemed too soft and flexible so maybe it was that. I just ordered a GatorBack for just in-case.

mikes07srt8jp 05-25-2012 11:41 AM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question

Routing of belt: There is a pulley on SC bracket to the right side of the alternator putting tension on the alternator. there is another pulley after the alternator on the supercharger itself. then it goes to the SC and to the block idler pulley. then around the 4 on the block up to the tensioner and back to the pulley on the right of the alternator.

mikes07srt8jp 06-09-2012 12:25 AM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question
ok, so I managed to figure out what was causing the belt to be thrown off and why it was shredding. So Im running dual catch cans, one at the pcv valve like normal and one at the crack breath tube. I recently removed the liner on the hood and never noticed that the filter on the catch can that is on the breath tube was spraying oil on the hood till now. it was also spraying on the belt. Only under higher boost. Also the dayco belt "no slack" tensioner gets weak to the point where I can pull the belt up about 3 inches with my hand almost able to take it off.

Run a hose from the catch can to somewhere low on the jeep. Will probably follow hoses from the power steering reservoir. Second, since ive gone through 2 dayco tensioners in a year ive decided to buy a manual tensioner from BWoody. So far it been working. I received a new belt and installed it today, also cleaned all the oil off of all the pulleys and anything that looked dirty under the hood. I went with a GatorBack since i have heard good things. Lets hope it lasts.:thumbsup:

Hope this helps someone else out that put their supercharger system on themselves. :cool:

scjeep4.7HO 06-09-2012 06:50 PM

Glad you found the problem. If the catch can isn't working correctly you may want to try a different brand/style.

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Pachy 06-17-2012 09:30 PM

Re: Paxton Supercharger Question
HHP sells a belt tensioner that will take care of that, stang 352 is using it and he is pushing almost 700whp, i'm buying that one too, we both have the GS motorsports system.

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