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Bobvhsa 05-26-2012 06:51 AM

4.7 HO Conrod Bolts
Could anyone please help me. I am rebuilding the 4.7 HO engine in my wife's pride and joy, her 2002 Grand cherokee Overland. It spun #5 Bigend bearing at only 50,000 miles. The motor is out, stripped and crank ground to .010". One new piston/conrod assy. and all other parts have been ordered from a Mopar dealer in the US but nobody can help me with conrod bolts.
The parts people here in Australia refer to the HO bolts as N/A. The Manual states that the bolts cannot be reused as they are TTY at 90degrees after tensioning, but the manual does seem to refer to the std. 4.7 with the HO as an afterthought. How can these bolts be single use if you cant buy them. That would mean than any engine requiring a bearing freshen up would be a throwaway. These engines are far too beautiful inside to be consumable throwaways. I have combed the Internet for info. about these bolts and have got nowhere. I'm sure you guys are my last and only hope.
The questions I have are;
(1) Are the bolts in the HO different to std 4.7 as these are available.
(2) If the HO bolts are different do they need replacing or are they better bolts that can be reused subject to threads being parallel or bolt length meeting certain spec.
(3) If they do need replacing does anyone know of any contact anywhere that can tell me where I can get a set. I have already retensioned the bolts again once to get correct squeeze for bigend bore size measurement.
I have talked to some dealerships here in Australia but nobody has rebuilt a 4.7 HO. Chrysler Customer Care here do not even return my call. I just need to talk to an experienced American 4.7 HO engine builder and I don't know where to start looking.
My wife's Jeep has now been off the road for 6 months of the 8 months we have owned the vehicle. We can't use it and we can't sell it. Just for a set of Conrod bolts!. She loves this car and has aspired to one for years. Now I catch her with tears at least once a week while she drives our old faithfull Landcruiser around. Any information we can get from you guys in the states would be very much appreciated. Please help us.

Scottina06 05-26-2012 11:51 AM

The 4.7 bolts are the.same

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hoffmanestates 05-27-2012 12:01 AM

u can inspect bolts for stretching and and other problems but not worth it.its all torn apart see if arp has studs for you....or parts warehouses. like

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Bobvhsa 05-30-2012 07:23 AM

Re: 4.7 HO Conrod Bolts
Thanks for your help guys. I have now ordered these bolts(6508504AA) along with all the other parts from Mopar Wholesale in Tampa. Thanks again.

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