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08JeepGC 05-27-2012 08:29 PM

Tried to cure hemi tick with seafoam. No luck.
I was a little skeptical trying this out. I put seafoam in the crankcase of my 08 Hemi. I put 250 miles on it this weekend and it didn't do a single thing for this Hemi tick. Actually it seems like it got louder. Usually mechanic in the a can does not work. It was worth a shot but i'm convinced it is a design flaw within the engine. I really like this jeep but I am so tired of it sounding like an old truck with a huge exhaust leak. BTW I did have the Jeep dealer check the noise out, no exhaust leak found. They said it was a normal sound.

I use to get 21 mpg on the highway and for some reason this weekend I only averaged around 16.5mpg. The mds would hardly turn on. I think the seafoam has affected that. Time to drain the oil, put fresh stuff in, and get an exhaust to drown out the tick.

4.whoa 05-30-2012 09:29 AM

Re: Tried to cure hemi tick with seafoam. No luck.
Huh, it did/does a good job for me. did you get the seafoam for engines? the last time i was @ the store they had some for transmissions, in the same kind of can. You are using 5w20,right? anything thicker is a BIG NO-NO. how dirty was/is your oil? I seafoam mine every few months and i only hear it every now and then when i first start it.

JeepCoop 05-30-2012 10:16 AM

Re: Tried to cure hemi tick with seafoam. No luck.
You cant "cure" the Hemi tick. It's something we all live with and you'll get used to it. It's kinda like our Hemis heartbeat!

Now on the seafoam shiz...I am a HUGE fan of it. Ya gotta also do the gas tank and clean the back of the throttle body. Right now you cleaned all the crud in the engine but it's still floating around which is why you need to change the oil STAT! Put a whole can in the gas tank on a full tank too! I'd stay away from putting it in the crank. Once is fine. You can also put the SF in through the vac line (by the master brake shiz)

Best way for SF to work is this process;
Full can in your gas tank on a full tank
Half can in your engine (which you already did)
Half can through the vacuum brake line
Scrape the crud on the back of the TB
And change your oil!

Also, do you have a catch can??

Tudds 05-30-2012 06:39 PM

Re: Tried to cure hemi tick with seafoam. No luck.
My truck was ticking and the spark plugs were loose.

08JeepGC 05-31-2012 09:14 PM

Re: Tried to cure hemi tick with seafoam. No luck.
I did an oil change the other day at work. I had amsoil 5w20 in the engine. I drained it cold and the oil seemed very thin. The oil only had about 1000 miles on it. I pumped in the 5w20 that comes out of the ceiling. I believe it is valvoline 5w20 blend. The mds is working better now. I think the seafoam had an affect on the mds operation. I came to terms that i will have to live with it.
I did spark plugs on an 2009 ram with a Hemi last weekend. Had no tick whatsoever. But, the owner has been using amsoil from day 1.

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