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ChrisWk 05-30-2012 03:58 PM

Odometer Stopped Working on 05 WK help?
Hello all,

Been a while from posting threads been dealing with lower back and hip problems do not wish this on anybody still slowly healing. Ok back to my problem I was driving around and saw that my odometer was not moving as I drive the trip one was moving fine and so was the oil service one counting down.
I do not know how long it was like this maybe two or three hundred miles. My jeep got 39,811 I guess at this point. I have not been driving that much because of my back pain, so today I checked one more time to make sure I was not losing it , it did not move . So I discounted the battery position and negative reconnected it took it for a drive I reset the trip it said I drove 45 miles but me being happy that the odometer was working I thought it was giving the same 45 miles but it did not add up on the odometer was like 28 miles I drove. This time I turned off my jeep turned back on hit reset trip meter drive and waited for the odometer to move and hit reset trip to zero and drove and watched the trip turn one mile and the odometer number turned at one mile to did this for 7 miles and it was the same. So sorry for the long post but how did this happen? Should I have jeep service look at this or see if it happens again.
Let me know what you guys think or have a good answer.

robpp 05-30-2012 04:06 PM

Re: Odometer Stopped Working on 05 WK help?
not sure of a solution chris but I can say that the PCM stores the master mileage. the cluster could take a crap like yours may have, but the PCM stores a copy of the mileage. so if you had another cluster the stealer can put the correct mileage from the PCM to the cluster.

i would go stealer. if it turns out you need a cluster get some part numbers and find a used one. they can synch those up same as a new one.


L2-3 right discectomy 2007

latest MRI: says SEVERE about 8 times mostly 'severe lateral stenosis Lx'

worst symptom is neuropathy in my feet like a diabetic yet blood work is all good/

best to you finding some relief.

ChrisWk 05-30-2012 04:30 PM

Re: Odometer Stopped Working on 05 WK help?
Hey Rob,

Thanks, so I should go have the dealership check to see if the cluster is working right and if the master mileage is not correct with the cluster I may need a new cluster?


robpp 05-31-2012 09:56 PM


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