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sergioad89 06-01-2012 01:04 PM

P1757 and P1762 - 2001 4.0 Automatic
Also got some "Valve Power Feed Malfunction"

Replaced gov. sensor, kick down cable seems to be "loose" or "broken"? (I tighten it and pedal feels sturdy, but after a bit, the pedal seems to become loose). Also I notice the clip that holds the kick down cable is broken on one side - but it still seems to hold it.. or maybe not.. (could this be why it's becoming "loose"?).

Could it be that the gov. sensor is STILL faulty? Solenoid?


The first day, the car's RPM jumped to a little over 3000RPM until I let it go and it wouldn't shift to second.

And then it never happened again, but now:

Car feels heavy from stop until it "shifts" to second (and it shifts kinda late too). It struggles during initial acceleration.

What could be wrong??

Any help is appreciated.

Frango100 06-01-2012 04:23 PM

Re: P1757 and P1762 - 2001 4.0 Automatic
Welcome to the garage.
Did you only change the governor sensor, or also the solenoid? They should normally be changed together.
Its difficult to see from here, but it seems that you have to change the kickdown cable or at least the broken clip.

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