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Martyp 06-04-2012 02:43 PM

P1495 LDP Solenoid Circuit
Here is a question for you all.

Now, my truck has never once thrown me a code since I have owned it.

I have ran both stock PCM and Superchip'd 91 Perf PCM. However, Saturday I received my SCT tuner and my PCM P/N wasn't in the supported list.

On the bright side I did manage to overwrite it to a stock 02 PCM which Ryan loaded on it for me [I crossed everything and didn't breath for the entire time it was downloading, a brain damaged Jeep was not what I was wanting].

I turned the key to the IGN on position and started her up, first time fired up and idled smoothly @ 550rpm as normal. However, the CEL came on too. I checked the code with the SCT and it read P1495 upon a Google search this relates to the Leak Detection Pump (something to do with the EVAP canister).

I took it for a run today and it runs just like my stock tune but the CEL won't go off. If I clear it, it comes right back on again upon next start.

Just restored to my stock tune and have no CEL or codes showing.

This leads me to believe it is just something I can just ignore right? Perhaps the US tune has different tolerances or sensors for this thing causing it to throw the CEL? :confused:

Checked all the vac lines and they are all plumbed in and uncracked etc, can't hear any sucking noises (minus the CAI).

Just wondered if any of you had this in the past or would agree I can just ignore this. Put the stock tune back on just now anyway as I hate having lights on the dash, its kinda embarrassing. :o

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