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tsandu 06-12-2012 03:07 AM

Parking Sensors randomly going of
Hi all, I have a 2010 overland model grand cherokee, that came standard with front and back parking sensors. About 2 months ago, the front left sensors started playing up.

Intermitently they would go from nothing (ie one green led), to BEEEEEEP (ie all green and all red LED's). This is only happening on the front left. All the other sensors are working perfectly.

I could be moving, or stopped when they go of. It does not gradually go up.. it goes from nothing to full (and BEEEEEEP) instandly. sometimes it lasts a second, other times it lasts for over 10 seconds where i just disable it by pressing the button.

It "appears" to be much worst during wet weather. Although, when its wet, if I go outside, and completely try all the 3 sensors with a tissue.. It still goes of.. So i dont think its the water on the sensors making it trigger the problem.

As the car is under warranty, I have taken it to the Jeep dealer 3 times so far. First time, they said they cleaned the sensors.. at the dealer seemed fine.. 5 mins out of the dealers carpark, they play up again. 2nd time, they removed the bumper bar, cleaned and checked the connections and wiring. Again, in the carpark was fine, then few mins after, started playing up. 3rd time.. The delear took all the sensors of, checked them, found one faulty, also changed the control box (under rear seat).. in carpark was fine.. few min drive, they played up again.. STRANGELY after a few days (mostly dry weather, but a 1 or 2 light showers), the sensors behaved themselves for almost 1 week. Not one time did they go of.. Then it started raining heavily again.. and now.. they are agian going of randomly, even after its not raining, and sensore cleaned.

This is only happeneing on th left side. the right side, as well as the left and right rear scensore are working perfectly.
Also when its working, the distances work fine. So when parking, booth the front left and right would go from one led.. to 2.. then 3.. then 4.. al the way up to the 2 red ones.. they both work in sync.. as though the sensor are working perfectly.

Any ideas? its driving me nuts.. and i am sure the dealer as well.

Thanks in advance

JMLoughrey 06-12-2012 12:43 PM

Re: Parking Sensors randomly going of
I would request the dealer take the vehicle and drive it for a couple days. See if they can get it to happen. I know the service manager at my jeep dealer took my car for a few days when i was having an intermitant issue with my WK after i just purchased it. Worked well and i got a good laugh when i got a phone call at 1045pm and the jeep shut off on him on his way home. exactly what it was doing to me.

tsandu 06-12-2012 09:56 PM

Re: Parking Sensors randomly going of
unfortunately last time.. they did have it for 3 days :(
they are not denying that the issue exists.. they are baffled as to how to fix it. They have said they will contact Jeep USA to see what they say. (I am in Australia, so dealing with a Sydney branch of Jeep Australia). Currently I am waiting for Jeep USA to get back to Jeep Australia, with ideas on how to fix it.. i started this thread just incase anyone else has had the same issue, I can pass on any information to the Jeep dealer to help fix the issue.

Seamus4225 07-31-2014 04:25 AM

Re: Parking Sensors randomly going of
Have you checked the connector to the back of that sensor? I just wonder if it is not on securely and then it rains moisture maybe able to get in the connector to cause the problem? I would take it off, clean it out with a contact cleaner then refit it.
Otherwise place a piece of black tape over the sensor, which takes that sensor out of the equation without disabling the rest of the system. If it still goes off then it might be that sensor having an internal fault, if you know the connection is good. You could always swap it with a sensor from another position on the front to check.

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