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tfranzone 06-14-2012 02:44 PM

First Time lift/bigger!
hi everyone,

so i own a stock 08 WK.. 4.7L v8
I was currently running the stock wheels and fortera hl tires size 245/65/17s...
Unfortunately.. My WK got hit by a drunkdriver while it was parked..messed up my rear quarter panel pretty badly.. thats neither here nor there though... SO while it is in the shop, I needed new tires anyway and decided I wanted to go a bit bigger...I like to camp so even small trailing through the woods, I'd like the boost..and just for general eye appeal as well...
I decided to tell them to seperately make me up an invoice for some new tires a a 2" BB suspension lift to fit them.. I heard 265/70/17 were the norm with a 2" BB lift... So I got a good deal on a set of Cooper Discoverer AT3s 265/70/17s... and they are gonna do the 2" BB lift... I'm getting a bit concerned now, bc I've read things saying that the tires wont fit without wheel spacers??... I'm a total n00b, first jeep.. i know what a wheel spacer is.. but is this true? if so, how much are these spacers (assuming the 2 in the front) going to cost me?!... I'm already spending a lot on the lift and 4 tires i have to lay out my 500$ deductible from the accident....

So my 2 ?'s are...
Will I need anything else other than the 4 tires and the 2"BB Lift to be completely good?..I really can't be laying out a lot more money here..
(might be a stupid question)..but can I use the 265/70/17 Coopers on my stock jeep wheels? I hear people talking about how they needed to switch to aftermarket wheels and now I'm really getting nervous about costs...
Please help... Thanks!

tfranzone 06-15-2012 12:18 PM

Re: First Time lift/bigger!
can anyone provide some insight? will i need to use spacers to avoid rubbing? .... is trimming the bolt down to the start of the threading a better option? any feedback would be appreciated. thanks

bsw989 06-15-2012 03:59 PM

Re: First Time lift/bigger!
I'm not an expert on this, but I can see you're getting impatient so I'll try to clarify a thing or two.

The stock wheels will fit the 265-70-17s. As far as I'm aware it's getting close to the widest you can run on them...?

Will they fit without spacers? Yes, they technically will fit.
However, there's a very good chance that with regular driving, and even the slightest amount of off-roading you're going to contact the ball joint bolt on the upper control arm, and/or contact the metal ridge behind the wheel well.

Spacers run about 100/set.

Do some searching around on here and you can find the answer to all the questions you've asked and probably plenty more.

dane.p 07-10-2012 06:51 PM

Re: First Time lift/bigger!
you will need wheel spacers even with the lift. that bolt is just too annoying. ive researched this as well

dane.p 07-10-2012 06:57 PM

Re: First Time lift/bigger!
trimming the bolt would work for 265/55/17 i believe and even then, its a realllllly tight fit. im bummed that i have to get wheel spacers too, so youre not alone haha

tfranzone 07-11-2012 11:01 AM

Re: First Time lift/bigger!

Originally Posted by dane.p (Post 654714)
trimming the bolt would work for 265/55/17 i believe and even then, its a realllllly tight fit. im bummed that i have to get wheel spacers too, so youre not alone haha

Thanks for the insight dane.p, I already did all my lift stuff about a month ago, so I figured it all out already but I appreciate the response regardless..
at first, I really didnt want to do spacers, but in reality.. i'm glad i did. I like the aggressive stance it gave my WK. and I didnt want to trim that bolt. only pain is obviously more work if you ever have to get to anything beyond them in terms of mods/repairs.. I also did the pinch weld, I'm glad I did that as well, I have extra clearance now and never worry about rubbing at all.. plus i can probably even fit 285s if i wanted to now...not that I'm gonna. I like my 265/70s, but I have the option.

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