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jhedman2 06-18-2012 11:42 PM

Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
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Hey All! Just wanted to share my experience with you as some of you may be experiencing the same situation. I absolutely love the feel and sound of a Hemi with a great exhaust and a high performance cold air intke. With that said, the only full CAI I've seen for the WK2 with the Hemi is a K&N but I've never really been a huge fan of them. My last WK had an intake from AEM (used to use tons of AEM gear when racing rice-burners) and it was awesome. But none of them are available yet.

So originally I bought the Airaid intake kit and I loved the fact that it came with a reliable and sturdy shield and seems very good quality. But I was very disappointed when it didn't replace the factory conduit and used the factory resonator. That by itself hampers the system quite a bit as the engine has to build vacuum pressure in that large open space before air even enters the filter and conduit. Just wanted a straight pipe! Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I undertook the process of building my own. It was my first so needless to say, I bought a few more parts than I probably need, which is why I'm posting this for you.

I started with ordering a new TB from Dan does fantastic work, the new TB was perfect! He even got me a brand new one which means I still have the factory one just in case there are issues. I used part# 847 as there's no need for the oversized unit.

The guys at were awesome! They even let me return some parts when they didn't fit. So with that said, here's what it took.


1) Airaid part # 311-212
2) Spectreperformance part# 9704 qty 3 (one extra just in case)
3) Spectreperformance part# 990003 as unfortunately the Airaid system has a 4" pipe and the TB is about 3.5" diameter. I didn't want to use a reducer as that can affect air flow a bit more, increasing pressure.
4) Spectreperformance part# 9794. This one was a lifesaver, the 110-degree angle worked out perfectly. And it's flexible which helps absorb the rock of the engine a bit when hitting high torque conditions. This prevents that rocking from damaging or loosening the components over time. This was a bit expensive, but it was worth it.
5) Spectreperformance part# 9713. This kit helped me retrofit the pipe to accept the IAT sensor. This was key. More about this process later.
6) Spectreperformance part# 9771. This coupler was important, as the Airaid kit has an extruded 4" end that made it difficult to use Spectreperformance part# 9381. 9381 wouldn't expand at all. 9771 fit on the Airaid just fine with a bit of elbow grease. Hopefully 9771 will hold up though.
7) Finally, I bought the 24" piece of 4" aluminum pipe from Spectreperformance, part# 9724. Although the actual length of the pipe I used after cutting was actually about 12.5", I didn't want to short myself so I ordered the 24" piece, the 12" piece would have probably worked just fine.

In addition to these parts, I bought the Spectreperformance hole saw kit, as it's just the right size for the IAT gaskets, this was cheap and worth it to have.

Okay, so the install, it was fairly easy once I had the right parts. the hardest parts were:
1) the IAT sensor. That made me nervous, I didn't want to break the sensor. For this piece, I measured a couple inches away from the 110-degree boot, just to be safe. I then drilled a pilot hole and used the hole saw to cut the hole. I had to test fit the different gaskets first to see which one held the sensor tight. It was the smaller hole saw I used to cut the hole. It then took some grease and forcing with a flat-head screwdriver to get the gasket it, but finally it worked. Make sure you pay attention to the angles on the gasket, as its meant to accomodate the curve of the pipe. Then, getting the sensor in. I had to break the small tab off that held it in place in the factory mount. Then I took the rubber o-ring off and basically crammed it into the gasket till it was past the spot the o-ring was. I then put 3 small glue dots using a high-temp epoxy to make sure the sensor stays in the grommet. One pain down!

2) The 110-degree boot took some work. It literally barely fits as the control portion of the TB is so close to the outerwall of the TB inlet. I placed the spacer in the boot first, then lubed it up a tad to help slide it on. Then I slid it on and used a flat head screwdriver to lighly push the metal clamp and the boot on the TB as far as it would go. Tightened it up and good to go.

3) Last the coupler, that was a bit of a pain to shimmy on to the extruded end of the Airaid box. A little soap to slide it on and clamp it in place was all it took.

4) Oh yeah, one more thing, I had to get out the dremmel and cut off tool to trim the Hemi engine cowl. The plastic was in the way of the IAT sensor. Just cut that back and you're good. you can see it in a pic. (Anyone notice these cowl's don't latch in place like the WK? They just rest there, wierd).

Anyway, it's pretty self explanatory, but i'm including some pictures as I know those speak a thousand words. Hope this helps everyone! Good luck, and FYI, the sound is awesome at full throttle. Thanks again Spectre and Dan from Awesome help! In the end, I probably spent just as much if not slighly more than a full CAI will cost when available, but it's the effort that counts!

Scottina06 06-19-2012 12:44 AM

Re: Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
nice write up!

BuckeyeSRT 06-19-2012 08:07 AM

Re: Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
Looks great! I'll bet it sounds good

jhedman2 06-19-2012 11:46 PM

Re: Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
Quick update, so I put about 250 miles on it today and I'm happy as a Lark to say that it appears to have net me around 2mpg more (granted, this is from everything, not just the intake duct work). I've taken this trip about 15 times in the last 3 or 4 months so I have a lot to compare it against. Today was even a bad day for driving (over 100 degrees out and dry). Everything is holding up well so far.

Pillbucket 06-21-2012 08:31 AM

Re: Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
Very nice job.

Angler 06-22-2012 09:02 PM

Re: Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
Nice write up and a very clean installation! Thanks for sharing.

Rickgrx 07-04-2012 09:35 PM

Re: Sharing my 11 WK2 Intake modifications.
Very nice, much better than some DIY'd CAI kits that involved a Rubbermaid wastebasket :rolleyes:

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