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fitz 06-23-2012 01:28 PM

WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
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Sorry if this thread duplicates, searched like crazy and didn't find anything similar.....when going over speed bumps anywhere between 2-6 MPH my 2011 Overland with QL makes a very LOUD banging noise as soon as the front tires are going over the downside of the speed bump. It's almost as if the suspension is trying to slam the front tires back into contact with the pavement (but the tires never broke contact with pavement).
This is repeatable only when I have the suspension in off-road 1 or 2....only randomly occurring in auto and never in sport. Noticed this right after my last scheduled oil change (at 20k miles on ODO) so within 1,000 miles my two front Goodyear Forterra HL's are TRASHED. It only happened once so I didn't freak out over it but now I can recreate the problem everytime.
Camber was thrown off and the outermost edges of both front tires are gone (see problem tire from front, one normal tire from back).
Went to dealer yesterday and they said I must have hit a pothole and that i needed alignment and new tires ASAP. I promptly put a tech into the passenger seat and went over a few speed bumps in the dealer lot, he heard and felt the "BANG!" from the front end, his eyes popped out of his head and then, as quietly as possible said "oh, come back Monday, we have a flash that will fix this". Let's hope so, but in the meantime I'm on the hook for new rubber after 20k miles!!! I'm fighting with them to pay for new tires but right now, as the steel belt is showing on both front tires, but they aren't convinced this banging problem caused the misalignment issue.
Be warned fellow JG'ers, if you ever experience this problem, get into dealer might be responsible for chewing up two perfectly good tires very quickly. I'll report back Monday if the flash fixes the banging issue.

armoredsaint 06-23-2012 02:12 PM

Re: WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
wow your tires are just about bald on the edges. Good luck

djmallinson 06-24-2012 10:31 PM

Re: WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
I have the same issue on a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland... it's exactly a week old, so if you can post any more information as to the fix from the dealer that would be most helpful, thanks

brandont 06-25-2012 06:34 AM

A pothole wouldn't throw both tires out of camber. Nor would I expect any change in camber from hitting something unless you bent both A arms or something. I could see a change in toe from a pothole, maybe - but typically only one side. Look at it this way - camber means the the wheel has been pushed in at the top (or bottom). You can only cause a sideways force on the wheel by cornering or sliding the front end into a curb with the wheels turned - but neither would throw BOTH tires into positive camber, right? Even if you drove over a curb the force would be vertical and in the same plane as the suspension is designed to work. My guess is something wasn't quite tight initially and has loosed up allowing the geometry to change. I would make them show you exactly what happened (what moved? How?) and why it is your fault. Good luck!

Mgardner 06-27-2012 07:10 AM

Re: WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
I feel that bang also specially when in off road mode II. Its exactly as you described. But i have not had any problems with it shredding my tires as of yet.

Im just wondering with QL is that banging normal?

jeepster23 06-27-2012 08:56 AM

Re: WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
Its the bump stop. In off road II there is very limited suspension travel because of the 3 inches that are taken up from the rise in ground clearence.

fitz 06-28-2012 02:01 AM

Re: WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
brandont, you are absolutely correct regarding camber vs. toe......after alignment yesterday I was properly educated about the fact that is was TOE and not camber. Mine was off by 5/16th.....not good but certainly not terrible by any means. Only added to the confusion of how this happened so quickly. Dealer said they had a flash that could alleviate the banging noise but never heard back from Chrysler as to which flash to employ on my vehicle. When I took it back in on Monday the car already had new rubber all the way around but I waited to do alignment until they got back to me (in the hopes that they would do that for me if they felt responsible....not the case!). When I took the tech over speed bumps in the dealer lot this time, it would only bang in ORII but front AND back suspension made noise this time...albeit not as loudly. So I left it with them all day, they never heard back from Chrysler, and I informed them that I needed my car back to go get it aligned so I could leave town for work. Can't say I am too surprised, but have not heard anything from them since yesterday. I will stay on them because whether or not this had anything at all to do with alignment or not, there must be an explanation for the loud noise made under those conditions. I will let everyone know what I find next week!! Thanks for the responses gang!!!

PS- Jeepster23: wouldn't that have to do with wheel moving upward (compression)?

curio 06-28-2012 04:52 AM

Re: WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
That bang is normal. I have a Touareg with air suspension wich does just he same. If you drive in the highest level, theres only very little "negative" play in the suspension (the space the wheel needs to drop e.g in a pothole). The sound is the suspension colliding with the appropriate limiter.
This is mentioned in the manual of the Volkswagen. So i guess its not a bug, but a feature.

..however ORII you will need anyway only very slow at very special occasions..

Good Luck


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